Welcome back again everyone for part . . . 4? Right, part 4 of an out of the norm blog, in this has been going on longer than I thought it would. Yet, can’t stop now, we are almost over. Simple recap; a hand few of slip-ins were listed, there were stupid questions with no real answers, Chaos is everyone’s best friend through it all, and there is more than one of us in our minds.


Okay, I think that sums it up enough . . . for me and the others understand that, to that we go onto what next three holidays are all about. Rolling in the number six spot is . . .




Number 6:  Video Games Day

Not to be confused for National Video Games Day that happens every year on September 12th. Video Games Day, taking place on July 8th, is only about the same as to what is going on, mostly around video games. As it goes for this holiday, that during the summer, video games of all kinds are at their cheapest and easy to get a hold of, planned for that fans of certain games can get more than one, able to rent most, and just a field day of it.

The common thread there is that, it is a social gathering for gamers to have with other gamers. Unlike with National Video Games Day, in certain states or county, depending wherever a gamer is likely at, there are large party-like galleries that go for all nighters during month of September, but get head started until the 12th. Much like conic-cons, strictly for only one media, and very sadly those are the ones that are the hardest to get into. Reason for Video Games Day was made; no long lines, closer buddies or co-op computer online chats, safety of your own home, and likely video games the player enjoys.

This holiday may not be for everyone, yet there is a side cheat of that if there is a game a group of people love to play and can handle the people they invited into the home of choice for a social gather of fun. That works too. It’s a day fun and enjoys the middle of summer, before the heat becomes too overbearing.


Runner up Holiday(s) in July: International Joke Day (Day 1st), I Forgot Day (Day 2nd), Cheer up the Lonely Day (Day 11th), Embrace Your Geekness Day (Day 13th), National Nude Day (Day 14th), Moon Day (Day 20th), Amelia Earhart Day (Day 24th), All or Nothing Day (Day 26th), Take Your Pants for a Walk Day (Day 27th), and National Lasagna Day (Day 29th)


Week Holiday(s) in July: Nude Recreation Week (From the 12th to 20th, its wear nothing but your birthday suit . . . wishing this wasn’t a real thing, but in some places, it is legit! My, my poor eyes! And I thought, just a day was nothing, never mind! )


Month Holiday(s) Runner Ups in July: National Anti-Boredom Month, Unlucky Month for weddings, National Ice Cream Month, and National Cell Phone Courtesy Month



Well that was something to start of this list, strange in some regards, but we will not linger on those, as we press onto the next one . . .



Number 5: National Thrift Shop Day


Now this is great kind of holiday for those who are looking for something that isn’t that great but will do the job right, with a cheap price tag, and saving cash. When founded on August 17th, as a day where a lot of Thrift shops, go at cheapest prices out of habit for slow business to hopefully get a crowd in to notice. At first, it was nothing to think about, but when cash is tight and you are just looking for a shirt to wear until an event or laundry is done. Here is a day just for that.

With how consumers sales goes, this is very easy to overlook, when a lot stores aim to drag people in for great deals and a lot of spit and shine, to where it is having the best than having what will work on short notice. In the United States alone, discounted merchandise stores follow this tread without knowing, leaving a larger opening chance for buyers if they looking for something simple.

Dirty cheap is dirt cheap, but again, it gets the job done. If you having something plan and are a budget, go shopping on this day through the discount store and save money. You’ll be very thankful down the road. That goes for store owners too; if they really want their business to blown, do this!


Runner up Holiday(s) in August: Friendship Day (Starts on the first Sunday of August), Work like a Dog Day (Day 5th), Lazy Day (Day 10th), Bad Poetry Day (Day 18th), National Radio Day (Day 20th), Be an Angel Day (Day 22nd), Global Forgiveness Day (Day 27th), and National Trail Mix Day (Day 31st)


Week Holiday(s) in August: National Simplify your Life Week (From the 1st to 9th, is all about just making things easy for yourself as best as you can through the first week of August) and Be Kind to Humankind Week (From 24th to 30th, just be nice to everyone, smile, give acts of kindness whenever you can, as this week seems more forceful to do than just doing it on a whim)


Month Holiday(s) Runner Ups in August: Romance Awareness Month, Admit you’re Happy Month, National Picnic Month, and Family Fun Month



From a certain view there quite some changes between the last two months. One being very happy-go-lucky, while the other . . . just was mind busting at best, to that we leave off the last holiday in this segment and get ready for the final chapter, with that, moving onto . . .



Number 4: (~National~) Roots Day


Out of most holidays on this list, Roots Day, is by far the most normal one to come by, founded during the busiest countdown week of December for last minute . . . everything really. December 23rd the founding day where family comes together, have fun and get into tiffs, and maybe learn about some background heritage of one’s life through growth. Not to be perplexed with Heritage Month, that’s a whole other level and with its own anthem being This Land Is Your Land by Woody Guthrie alone gives a hint of a different intake of it all.

Roots Day aims for more source of belonging, contented reaction that where the roots came from, made today’s life lines. Yes, there are moments at the family table, questions will pop up about where one came from, what kind of blood line one has.

This holiday is a great way in looking through the branches of family. Learning from where they started to where it will go on from. There is no doubt that some family trees are vast and full of dead ends, to have a day that pretty much helps trim the tree a bit for a clear view, is a wonderful touch and close to the merry holidays that happen in December, even if those vary, everyone has a family tree they want to understand. This really just helps in the long, more than what others tend to think, and that means and holds a lot more than just cutting a turkey or telling fictional stories around the fireplace.


Runner up Holiday(s) in December: World Aids Awareness Day (Day 1st), National Roof over Your Head Day (Day 3rd), Bathtub Party Day (Day 5th), National Noodle Ring Day (Day 11th), National Ice Cream Day (Day 13th), Humbug Day (Day 21st), Make Cut Out Snowflake Day (Day 27th), and Make Up Your Mind Day (Day 31st)


Week Holiday(s) in December: None


Month Holiday(s) Runner Ups in December: Bingo Month and Write a Friend Month





Yes, part 4 is done and onto the next and final chapter of this long blog. Feedback again, always welcome for this segment or any ones before. Any of the holidays to peek your interest, during this read? I like to hear it, if you like to share or maybe a holiday that didn’t get mention, speak out. The last segment will be on Valentine’s Day, and for the reason is easy to see why, for which that has yet to be talked about, until then friends, later!




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