Well hello again and welcome back to the top 14 holidays list part 3. Short recap from last list it was about being at wits end with everything, wearing a certain color is a sign a peace to all, and lastly how your fate is just in your hand with the poison you hold.


In this blog segment we will be first jumping through the month of September. Let’s see what this month has in store for us, shall we?




Number 9: Ask a Stupid Question Day

Ask A Stupid Question Day

Well that was uncalled for, but there is a chance that was coming sooner or later, much near the end of month, on September 28th, which is widely more known for being the final day of school. So very fitting now, when thinking about it, but let’s focus more on the holiday itself.

Unlike most holidays, this one was founded by teachers themselves, which would give their students free chances in asking questions they bothered, mostly out of fear their question far too dumb for their own good. Around in the mid-80’s, that wasn’t a problem anymore, and before knowing it, the holiday went from the classroom to the work stations, along ways by random strangers, to soon be forever found a confounded memes.

This has become a very strong holiday that at first wasn’t meant to be taken, so define, yet now. Who really cares at this moment?


Runner up Holiday(s) in September: Cheese Pizza Day (Day 5th), Read a Book Day (Day 6th), Teddy Bear Day (Day 9th), Swap Ideas Day (Day 10th), September 911 Remembrance Day (Day 11th), Positive Thinking Day (Day 13th), Mexican Independence Day (Day 16th), Dogs in Politics Day (Day 23rd), and National Comic Book Day (Day 25th)


Week Holiday(s) in September: None


Month Holiday(s) Runner Ups in September: National Piano Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, Self Improvement Month, and International Square Dancing Month



A small let that down that was for Week Holidays in September, though I have a feeling somewhere down the line, there will be one soon. And it’s going to be awesome! On to the next number, shall we?



Number 8: Chaos Never Dies Day

Happy Chaos Never Dies Day

When this was founded on November 9th, the outcome was very different than what the large major of people thought at first. Such as Chaos Never Dies was more for remember the chaos around oneself and embracing for what it’s done in changing someone for the best and worst. Very parallel to a remembrance day, yet the meaning of it only holds something to person who chooses to remember their chaos.

That is amazing when really thinking about it, a day to reflect on everything. Where the choices in the right or wrong? Are you in the place you wanted to be in or far from it? Could more be done from there on?

A day like this, even with an unfitting title at first doesn’t do much, but it should be noticed and done when its day comes around. That’s just how easy a holiday likes that is, when really getting down to it.


Runner up Holiday(s) in November: Look for Circles Day (Day 2nd), King Tut Day (Day 4th), Cook Something Bold Day (Day 8th), National Indian Pudding Day (Day 13th), Take a Hike Day (Day 17th), False Confession Day (Day 21st), Shopping Reminder Day (Day 26th), Stay at Home Because You are Well Day (Day 30th), and Buy Nothing Day (The day after Thanksgiving day)


Week Holiday(s) in November: Chemistry Week (From the 1st to the 11th, playing and making things out of chemicals for the sake of science is a must.)


Month Holiday(s) Runner Ups in November: Native American Heritage Month, Child Safety Protection Month, National Epilepsy Month, Peanut Butter Lovers Month, and National Sleep Comfort Month



This segment is coming to close with just one last enter here, before setting for more upcoming work. To that, let’s take a look at a last one, before having to come to a close, onward everyone!



Number 7: Multiple Personality Day

Multiple Personality Day

Yes, sure, why not end on an anniversary of when there is more than one of you running around your brain. Just able to speak to you and hold conversations just like two or so people in a room. And no one looks at you weird as you go back and forth, with one another.

Yet, in all honesty, that is just awesome. Personally this needs to become more common, when March 5th rolls by. We all might need it, actually, yeah we do. Granted, for anyone who has this, as a no joking matter, there is no shame . . . it’s better than just talking to walls half time or real people for that matter.

Moving along, for an insightful look of this holiday comes up a bit bare, what it is easy to tell what this one is aiming for. And one that comes off more than it should be. Congress, pleases, out of all holidays here, make this one real! Spread awareness while we’re at too!


Runner up Holiday(s) in March: I Want You to be Happy Day (Day 3rd), If Pets Had Thumbs Day (Day 3rd), Be Nasty Day (Day 8th), National Pi Day (Day 14th), Dumbstruck Day (Day 25th), Everything You Do is Right Day (Day 16th), Fragrance Day (Day 21st), National Goof Off Day (Day 22nd), Make Your Own Holiday Day (Day 26th), Festival of Smoke and Mirrors Day (Day 29th), I am in Control Day (Day 30th), and Take a Walk in the Park Day (Day 30th)


Week Holiday(s) in March: National Bubble Week (From the 8th to the 16th, just play with bubbles like an insane person until you just un-crack)


Month Holiday(s) Runner Ups in March: National Peanut Month, National Women’s History Month, National Frozen Food Month, and Social Workers Month





And with that folks, we end this chapter and start a new one later. I am hoping you are enjoying this, and I know I haven’t said it much, really feedback is always welcome, as outside of poetry blogs are very much still new to me, so please, share what you have to say, and also how are you finding the slip ins there were. Until next time everyone, later!




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