For throws who keep saying that the good old days was great great and thing was way better in the 1930’s the 40’s nd 50’s i have just one thing to say to you. FUCK OFF! you wasn’t in my shows I did have to live in the street; wonder when you next meal was coiming. listing helpless as you hear you mother crying in the meddle of the night. you did not share a room with 19 other people; not 1 19. you did not wave to work 15 hours a day and only come home with 20 dollars 20 fucking dollars! not enough to pay the rent let alone put the food on the table.

No it was not the good old days for me or my friends it was hell. and you never live in the hell were you have do what young have to do to survived then shut the fuck up. you did not live. me, my friends, and family did and the good old day for us was shit. you know who benefit from are rich slops who got rich over the backs of my family and my friends’s friends families doing throw time; my time. yes i cam say that because I had live it. did you? if not then shut the fuck up about the good old days. becuse to most of use it was anything but good.

David St. Patrick.

By Jockerlee 77

Based On Park Slope Creator

JockerLee 77 & T-Tun Unusual Wordsmith III

2015 Manic

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