Hello and welcome back to part 2 of Bizarre and Unique Holidays. Last time we lest on what could go on our heads and on speaking terms of greeting one another. This blog will be aiming stranger celebrations, with that, let’s get going . . .





Number 12:  Moment of Frustration Day

In guessing what this holiday would be, is not much a brain teaser in what it means. Founded on October 12th, another one that is very underground, yet in some ways, this was likely what brought the film; The Purge to light.

Now in saying that, the basics of the holiday doesn’t mean going on a killing spree, whacking off anyone another would please to do. In this case, it’s more an awareness day to just let out any frustration and not really judge by it and that is saying something when there a day like, Pet Peeve Week during the year, but going back to Moment of Frustration Day as it more of matter of controlling oneself and not let this distraught reaction get the best of others.

The signs of knowing if this day is taking affect around you are notice these and best to follow them too:

  1. Yelling at random places at random times
  2. Increase of people in the gym, most likely beating the crap out the punching bags
  3. Large increase of broken objects that have been through away later that day

For those actions insight of others handling it, here is something for those who want to handle themselves:

  1. Think ways around the problem
  2. Walk away from it and take a breather
  3. Do something that relax yourself (i.e. Book, Music, Taking a Walk, A hobby, and so forth)
  4. A family member or friend wants to talk something out, which hopefully doesn’t end in violence (A crotch cup for men and a pepper spray for women are noted or switch, for whatever works)

Many of reasons why this one haven’t gotten to be a big thing yet, is for how most people will not use the day right and it will likely end in tragedy. As again, how close this holiday comes off as a Purge to happen is scary, but if done right, it could work.


Runner up Holiday(s) in October: Name Your Car Day (Day 2nd), Come and Take It Day (Day 6th), International Skeptics Day (Day 13th), and Increase Your Psychic Powers Day (Day 31st)


Week Holiday(s) in October: Pet Peeve Week (From 10th to 16th; exercise the peeves out) and Get Organized Week (From 1st to 9th; just get everything order before the year is out)


Month Holiday(s) Runner Ups in October: Sarcastic Month, National Pizza Month, Domestic Violence Awareness Month, National Popcorn Popping Month, and Adopt a Shelter Dog Month



October seems to have certain trait that it must have good one that tug at the heart string and stomach lines, or just come off as skin shivering. Well in thinking of it, horror films are about the same in some points finer looks of it, so let’s keep it at that and move onto the next . . .



Number 11: Wear Purple for Peace Day

Wear Purple For Peace Day Purple Wristband

There were a few times where this holiday didn’t have a precise date, until finally it was sounded founded on May 16th, and also coming across the years this happen, are very much lost in time because minor things tend to be overlooked it seems.

Coming back to the holiday, this one, akin to others have a two way meaning, but in this case, at least one theme common. It is meant to be able to bring peace all around. Be them from people to people. Or to aliens from outer space if they someday come down to earth and don’t find us peaceful, for the lack of purple. There is a whole theory behind that, but that’s all really to talk about, so moving away from that for now.

Color coded wise; purple was seen as from language terms for individual, creative, humanitarian, selfless, unlimited, and the future. So if anything to give by that, the color purple, is in giving off the symptom of a non-threat aura to others upon sight of them. Similar to Hat Day, it doesn’t take much to do and holds a very simple cause behind it.

Nothing much else to say but; show peace, wear purple!


Runner up Holiday(s) in May: Mother Goose Day (Day 1st), Star Wars Day (Day 4th), Beverage Day (Day 6th), Lost Sock Memorial Day (Day 9th), Be a Millionaire Day (Day 20th), International Jazz Day (Saturday of Memorial Day weekend), Lucky Penny Day (Day 23rd), National Escargot Day (Day 24th), and Save Your Hearing Day (May 31st)


Week Holiday(s) in May:  Wildflower Week (From 9th to the 16th; a gardening week about the wildflower and its meaning) and National Police Week (From 17th to 23rd; a week to look back on police offers that lost their lives, in the line of work)


Month Holiday(s) Runner Ups in May: National Barbecue Month, National Blood Pressure Month, National Photograph Month, Foster Care Month, and Date Your Mate Month



Next and last one for the blog, we go onto . . .



Number 10: Name Your Poison Day

name your poison

Now when it comes to this holiday that comes around in June on the 8th, the title never fails to get a kick out of itself. For it mostly ranges in a choice someone is going to make that. In common of it relies on an alcoholic drink, test of wit and fear, snack option, and lastly and also what others dare themselves of will this choice be life altering.

Luckily for the passing years, something extreme has come out of this year and making it ban. So take that into account, of this have little to none regret for coming this day. On warning, this day does have conflicts of its own, mostly for those go beyond what this day might mean to others, in ending that people should have a line to never cross.

When June 8th comes around, what will likely be your poison of the day? Or maybe poisons for those who just to trouble themselves of having a blissful day to their selves.


Runner up Holiday(s) in June: Dare Day/Challenging Day (Day 1st), Repeat Day (Day 3rd), National Doughnut Day (The first Friday in June), Yo-Yo Day (Day 6th), Donald Duck Day (Day 9th), Smile Power Day (Day 15th), Swim a Lap Day (Day 24th), Forgiveness Day (Day 26th), and Hug Holiday Day (Day 29th)


Week Holiday(s) in June: Fishing Week (From 1st to 13th, go fishing with family, friends, or alone and enjoy the day)


Month Holiday(s) Runner Ups in June: Candy Month, Gay Pride Month, Aquarium Month, and Rose Month





And . . . ends part 2 and moving onto part 3 later on with oddest of holidays to come. Feedback of how this going is always welcome and such, so please come forth with your takes. They are always welcome. With that, later for now and see you all in the next blog!




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