For anyone to dare try and have my luck,
feel free to try and live through it,
having a challenge every waking moment,
to always wonder where you,
the moment you wake is home,
or a strange realm you have recollection of,
to as always,
be in a mere panic,
trying to calm down your breath and think back,
as far as you can,
to where it all made sense,
until finally,
after a few minutes or hours,
you are out of bed,
getting through the day,
still unsure of everything,
but you at least try,
the inner mind walls are higher than ever,
but for good reason of true meaning,
that is clear like a sky blue evening during summer,
you don’t to hurt anyone,
so you smile,
be honest enough that you can hear the eggshells cracking below your rocky steady feet,
compare to nothing,
that failing and breaking into a self,
you don’t what it is,
but only knowing that is you,
a dark you,
and you know you don’t like it,
but no matter what,
that feeling of breaking and falling into that black hole only grows,
every day,
maybe in the spare moments of weakness,
you snap,
just a swear here and there,
and it is over,
yet alas you know what that slip meant . . .
at that time,
you close off and hope gather yourself whole once more,
even though you know it’s not,
it never will be enough,
but you try,
no easy ways out,
nor giving into the hisses that nest deep within,
full of life is given to you,
as you walk on,
in footsteps not of your own,
yet you keep walking,
because in that last second,
moving forward is all one can do,
a slip here and there,
will only make or break a moment . . .
just like that,
and in hopes for sounds of trust,
in others,
that won’t test you,
bear in mind,
there are just something,
that are best left in the dark,
than out on one’s sleeve,
that they know is not theirs.




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