Hello all and welcome to another out of the norm blog. Let’s get it out there that soon and coming will be the day of the 14th, the day of sweets, candies, care, and vomits, upon vomits of love. That for some unknown possible reason, dyes in red, pink, and white for some reason, which I just don’t give a damn to think about, to that we move on!


In this list count down, will be about the top 14 holidays that are just more fun and less in the face about one gushy emotion that is just run to the dirt, that everyone is known as Valentine’s Day, with that let’s get started with holidays that are just a blast when their day approach around, real or not. . .


Mostly not real well known ones anyway . . .  with a few slip ins, can you spot them? Just thought to throw that in there, let’s get really started!




Number 14: National Hat Day

During the first month of year, after recovering from the drunken hangovers that is New Years Eve. The first month, January; is mostly a time to get ready for the New Year and what’s to come down for the road of anything and wanting to make the last year a distance memory.

National Hat Day, founded on the 15th, though has yet to reached congress’s ears is one of maybe the easiest and least stressful holidays to do. Just finding you’re favorite headwear, a helmet counts as one too! And just strut out the rest of day, showing off what your noggin can pull off.

What this holiday aims for in regards in making it fun are the following:

  1. Making a statement
  2. To promote a cause
  3. And lastly a product of its own time

Maybe on any other day, it would because to keep the sunlight from blinding you or because it completes the outfit you are wearing, to also, and this is just grasping really that if on cold days just to head warm or in case of helmets; protection. Really, in stating that, it is rather dull, even though it is a must need for the last one, that one can be overlooked.

Comparing to just being wacky, colorful, funny, strange, and want to have laugh! It’s the start of the month, let’s try to make it a high note at best here folks. When this day comes around, find a hat, and express it for how it expresses you. Not including robbing a join . . . let’s keep it clean.


Runner up Holiday(s) in January: Winnie the Pooh Day (Day 18th), Penguin Awareness Day (Day 20th), Squirrel Appreciation Day (Day 21st), National Blonde Brownie Day (Day 22nd), Opposite Day (Day 25th), and Festival of Sleep Day (Day 3rd)


Week Holiday(s) in January: Letter Writing Week (From 11th to 17th; to just write a letter by hand and send it to someone by mail . . . not email)


Month Holiday(s) Runner Ups in January: National Soup Month, National Hobby Month, and National Blood Donor Month



January is a started month, so the fun it has are not over the top, but coming with the month that is April, that is where the fun starts!




Number 13: Name Yourself Day

funny ecard, funny card, name yourself day

This is another day that needs to go to congress, if anyone is daring enough to do it. Because as the title states, on April 9th, you have free range to name yourself what you pleased when you are greeting someone, granted it has to be same name through the whole day, until it comes around again another year. That would be the only downer for it, so think carefully what you wish others to call you or even yourself.

The full intake of this holiday is that you can change any part of your name, first-middle-last, or all together if you wish so. Though many confuse for it, Middle Name Pride Day, it is nothing like that, at all sadly, so don’t get your hopes up there. Though, in some regards, not all middle names are great, just saying from how crude parents can be at times.

The reasons most would want to give holiday a try is only small reason, but at times funny:

  1. Messing with family and/or friends
  2. Wanting to try something new to slip off the tongue
  3. There was always a catchy nickname you have always liked but never got the full use of it
  4. It’s a nice change of pace (Similar to B, but the responses for it vary)

It’s stated as a simple holiday, while also one of many that are overlooked because of the nonsense that goes with of why anyone would do that. The more real question is, why not?


Runner up Holiday(s) in April: Tell a Story Day (Day 27th), Great Poetry Reading Day (Day 28th), Titanic Remembrance Day (Day 15th), Don’t Go to Work unless it’s Fun Day (Day 3rd), Tell a Lie Day (Day 4th), and National Honesty Day (Day 30th)


Week Holiday(s) in April: National Karaoke Week (From 25th to 30th; Karaoke home alone or out with friends and go for it) and Garden Week (From 11th to 17th; for people who love gardening or for someone who wants one, this week is keen for it)


Month Holiday(s) Runner Ups in April: Sexual Assault Awareness Month, National Poetry Month, Keep America Beautiful Month, National Humor Month, and Stress Awareness Month





With that, this ends part 1, while these mixture of national days and holidays take their course with you, I’ll see you next time for the next part as we take a look at the next cluster of holidays. To that it is later for now!




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