It starts out something small, like a space, with no room to move.

Alone, while in the distance, the feel of time is going.

Yet, the person is not.

Just standing there, unmoved.

Everything around just keeps going.

Not the person.

Everything is aging in time, but the person, remains still, going nowhere.

Just so still.

Ahead of you.

In the offing.

Just for the future for something.

A pin down drops, deafening the ears, and blind sighting not long later.

Glancing everywhere and noticing how much everything else keeps on, yet not that one person.

The thumping of the heart thunders in the ear, worry that will pause out, only stricken up the sickness within quicker.

Mauling up the tension, ticking them away, blistering under the skin.

Loneliness comes.

So alone.

Life is moving.

But not that one person.

No way out of it, because if one misstep, something will be missed.

Of what could be, unsure, however so hunger to see it through.

Begging the body to move.


Move! Damn it, move it bastard!

This isn’t worth it!

Just move ahead or just stand there and never anything ahead.

One can’t just stay.


The lingering is done, move ahead, time is ticking, and there is nothing to waste.


When this is over, start again, but come early or later, with fewer mobs, and do it!

Staying in this one spot is just too much.

Move it!

This is just too much!

No more!

Next time, come early and never waste time, ever again!




Fear of Long Waits

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