Hello & welcome back to Pride Rock. Alas, my friends we have reached the end of our journey here. And we close out this event by taking a look at the music of the hit Broadway musical. Now, I will only be looking at some of the songs and mostly focusing on the songs that were written for the musical that were not a part of the animated movie. With that out of the way, let’s begin.



The Morning Report



We start off with Zazu and well, this song is okay and if you have seen the DVD release that came out a few years back, they animated this number.





Which I have heard mixed things about and as for my feelings on this song. It’s fun but one that I’ll be coming back to anytime. Still, quite an enjoyable listen. And yeah, after listening to the Broadway and animated version, I’ll take the Broadway version.

Chow Down



Our next song comes to us courtesy of The Hyenas and I love this song. I just love the rock feel to this song. I imagine that this would make a great workout song and this just makes for a great villain song and I don’t know why but I picture Ed on drums listening to this.

They Live In You

This song builds upon what Mufasa taught his young son of the spirits of the kings watching over us and always protecting us. It is quite a moving song and a good reminder that there is always someone out there supporting us but it’s reprise in the second act is a little better.




The Madness of King Scar



Again, another great song and this songs plays on how Scar is such a failure and it’s driving him mad. To the point, where he’s talking to himself and doesn’t know what to do and just the fact that he needs admiration to inflate his ego, just shows how terrible he is at being king. And I have to admit that it gets a little eerie towards the end, when he hits on Nala to become his queen. Apparently, last year someone online took that section from this


song and animated it.





This is Nala’s big song as she sets out on her journey to find help for The Pride Lands. This song is heartbreaking as you can hear the desperation and despair in her voice. You hear that Nala is fearful but knows that things will not get better by staying here. She has to leave to find help because staying won’t do any good.

Endless Night


Anything I say about will not do it justice. So, just take this song in. Not only is this my favorite song from the musical but it’s my favorite Lion King song and ranks as one of my favorite Disney songs and my favorite Simba moment. Is this song heartbreaking? Yeah, but the point of this song is that Simba is finally able to break down his wall of fear that had been built up around him for so many years. You just hear a sense of relief and freedom after this release from Simba. This song is just so powerful.

He Lives In You (Reprise)



Our final song for today is sung by Rafiki (in the musical played by a woman) as a reminder to Simba that Mufasa is still with him. It is a reprise of They Live In You but this one gets more personal down to the fact that Simba still has the spirit of his father with him and as a long as he remembers to be who he truly is, his spirit will never die. The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride used this song as their opening number trying to emulate Circle of Life.




The problem with that is Circle of Life is a song that celebrates all life whereas this song is more personal and meant to be a moment for Simba to realize that his father still lives within him. The Lion King II used it to say that Mufasa still lives within the spirits of The Pride Lands and it’s inhabitants. Which is true yes but in that context, I feel that you truly lose some of the more personal aspects of this song. That’s why I think the Broadway version, where it’s kept to just Rafiki singing it to Simba makes more sense.

And thus we leave The Pride Lands. I hope that you have enjoyed this event as much as I have writing these articles over the past two weeks. Peace!

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