First let me say that I like making videos. I enjoy being creative.
But the one thing I hate is having that creativity stifled.
However, with my income situation the way it is I can’t afford to make videos quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, make them the way I want them to be done.

My last “big project” was doing the MMPR/Zyuranger morph sequence fpr the Zyuranger DVD unboxing video. That clip alone is 0:26 long and it took me about a week. The whole video took the better part of two weeks.
Besides this I also have two IEWC videos I’ve yet to even start editing that I was supposed to have released before Christmas.

According to YouTube I have 41 subscribers, and I’m lucky if I can break 10 views on any of my videos.
Most of the views I do have are probably from me watching them myself.
Also there is the fact that in general, I don’t have a lot of people watching my videos (even on here). Don’t get me wrong I love Manic, and I am grateful to this site, but I don’t get the response I need to continue making videos.
And any projects I’ve tried to do that required participation from the site have been kinda ignored. (acting challenge, Retail Rants season 2)

So this either speaks to the quality of my videos or the frequency of them.

So until I can afford to get a better computer, I think i’m done.
Granted I don’t see this happening any time soon, but the way I figure if I don’t have to worry about making videos I won’t end up delaying editing then it won’t be a drudge to want to have to get the vids made.

For those who frequent my videos (all 3 of you) Thank you, You have made it enjoyable.

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