Okay i just going going to get to the point because I have a lot of anger that had hppe to both me and some of my fellow tenanted in the house.And Yet legally I can’t get into to much detail for any i say even in social network environment can hurt my cast that both me and others are trying to pro-sue. This dos not make me any happier that I can’t clue you in on everything that has been happening to me these pass few mouths but if i m to get anything out of this already dangerous, no deadly situation i have to play the sitsyam. and for throw who had to deal with the courts or anything that involve law them you know that it dose not always play fair.

Last week me and four others has been rush to the hospital for CO (c Carbon monoxide ) poisoning one of the the tenants nearly lost his life over it nd a for me i have been getting off and on headaches in witch I’ve been making a appointment to see if any another damage has been course to me. lucky we had gotten help in time yet the fire department was shock that there was no CO alarms anywhere in the building nit to mention how how many people was living the the house at one time. some of you are also wondering how the hell could this be possible. well that were i have to stay quite for the time being because there is more to the story. and yet i have to make it be knw to the judged frist as well as other law official. yes it is that serious.

I as well as other in the house also learn a vary serious lesson. do not take co poisoning likely. the moment i got out of the hospital i got a co detector and place it in my room. I just hope everyone els did the same.

The important part is that i am alive to write this blog and that i am bless that someone up there was looking out for both me and the others. I also must give a think to Jash who i had keep context with me trow texts Just to make sure I was alright. and had do a hell of great job in updating you on the site about what been happening 2 me. I also what to think everyone of you for my c and preys and concern. there is lots i have to do but i promise that once i am able to i will update you one what is happening my end when i can and again thanks

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