Often times in Spotlight I talk about courage, loyalty, talent, and plain old nicey niceness. However, this month lets honor someone who has all those traits and one other, a trait that few of us on this site possess, including me. Lets honor someone for being so batshit insane prolific that it’s bonkers!

That Wrestling Guy has been with us for a long time. He’s a member of our Springboard channel where he posts Soda Pop Theater and Behind the Screen not once in a while, not every week, but every freakin’ day! As someone who once wrote a daily blog and did videos a few times a week can attest to, that takes stamina. Hell, I’ve had days where just uploading the damn thing feels like too much work, this guy posts every day!

That Wrestling Guy is devoted to his craft…meaning he loves sitting around ripping on comic book movies and drinking enough soda to give him diabetes many times over. However, you don’t have to be Hemingway to have a craft and to be devoted to it. This is a guy who loves, loves, loves what he does. He loves sitting around with his friends, watching an old show or a movie, and being funny. Why the hell not? The dude is clearly having a blast, and people love watching it.

More over, That Wrestling Guy hasn’t missed a day posting to Manic Expression. He doesn’t have to. He posts on Springboard, Daily Motion, who the hell knows where else. Just uploading his videos must be exhausting, yet he finds the time to throw a video up for us to watch. Lately that’s been a less rewarding experience, since the comment section has been in a bit of a slump (more about that in the monthly announcements). Still, he finds the time to share his passion with us every single day. Every. Single. Day...my god, man!

Manic Expression means a lot to me. On days when I’m feeling down, like no one’s got my back, I remember that I have hundreds of dear friends around the world who show me they care all the time. Some do it in emails, or Skype, or coming to my house to do a convention with me. Some do it by participating in a big cross over event like A Site in Scarlet. Some do it the way That Wrestling Guy does, by sharing his work with us every day. Everyone who posts here shows they care about the little web site that could, and about the community therein.

But still, dude, seriously, you can take a break every now and then!

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