From here on out,
to the fuck of what others come to conclusions,
they don’t what happen than,
what one says,
another will add more bullshit to the mix,
ending how to say what is facts,
while fickle fiction covers the damn truth,
even the lies are pitiful to look upon,
for they’re the words,
that didn’t know what could have happen,
worst than the truth knowing and staying silent,
in this damn mess,
that thickens and mends nothing,
almost in coming spring of a new year,
a new step is made,
when in this too beautiful world that is just a walking time bomb,
slowly just ticking away the time,
eating away at someone,
in falsehood,
time is paused for a moment,
just a moment to make something happen,
bitter in taste that will last on,
but throwing away the past and burning the remains,
at this moment,
this very moment,
could be what defuses the bomb,
to hell and high waters,
it’s a chance like no other,
do so,
risk like anyone,
flip on the lies,
and cover the truth,
because the more that shown,
the quicker the timer goes,
stalling is really the only human thing,
everyone can do,
without fucking it up and letting everything go boom,
go figure on fictional facts that leave from the mouth,
for better or worse,
we are likely screwed from day one,
as always?



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