Fic Or Original: Original

Genre(s): Science Fiction/Romance

Rating: T (as according to fictionpress)

Characters In Chapter: Samara Crichton, Nazilla, Kered

Relationship(s): Samara Crichton/Nazilla, Nazilla/Glau

Talking to Glau wasn’t going anywhere fast. I should’ve been able to make more headway with her than I had. I was an M-4, something that Netty had made. And Netty wasn’t known for making products that couldn’t solve complex problems.

I knew that being an M-4 didn’t make me all powerful, but it should have made me able to fix an M-3. Of course some files on the M-3 model like Glau didn’t seem to be as in depth as other things. I hadn’t realized before that there was an actual human consciousness inside of her.

Had Netty not really trusted me? Did it know that M-4s could rebel?

“Why are you was-why are you doing this to me? What have I do-you can’t restrain me forever!” Glau yelled and cried as her two personalities tried to take control.

It pained me in different ways to see how Glau was reacting. It pained me to see a Machine unable to have a working consciousness and therefore it would probably never be fixed. It also pained me to see Glau when her human side came to the forefront, how she was so afraid and innocent of any damage that she had done.

“I’m going to fix you, Glau.” I told her again. “I’m going to fix you so you can help fight Netty.”

“I’m never goi-where am I?” Glau replied.

I ran a hand through her hair and for a moment I could swear she stopped fighting. It was as if my touch had calmed both sides of her. And, if I were to tell the truth, I had felt myself grow calmer when I touched her hair.

As I tried to start analyzing that moment, she started struggling again. I still examined that moment but was more concerned with the possibility of her finally escaping. I held her down as both sides of her were yelling out. I was glad that at least they were agreeing on something at the moment.

“Stop it!” Glau yelled out.

After a few minutes she calmed down and just lay still on the table. I examined the straps thoroughly and I concluded my examination of the moment. All three of us had calmed down when I had touched her hair and the straps were fastened tight enough.

I then ran scans to see if there was any chance someone had heard Glau yelling out. The chances of her being heard by someone were slim to none as tvs were left on in the house. Maybe Kered or Samara would hear her, but that’d be it. And that would only be because they would be listening to make sure that Glau didn’t escape.

“Glau, I can’t let you go until you’re confirmed to be safe.” I explained to the M-3. “And you going through two different personalities is not conductive to the relieving of your restraints.”

Half of Glau’s face looked angry and the other half looked frightened. I didn’t know how much her human side knew, but I was pretty sure that her Machine side understood very well. Why else would that side of her face look so angry?

As I was looking at her face my sensors detected movement coming towards me and I slowly turned around. It didn’t surprise me when Kered appeared walking down into the basement. I was glad he was moving around and would therefore be able to leave very soon.

Him being able to fight Netty was a bonus, I guess.

“So, you’re spending a lot of time with that…thing.” Kered said angrily.

I turned to look at Glau and saw that the human side of her was now in control. And that side was afraid.

“So the Machine can feel?” Kered said, a small grin coming to his face.

“The M-3 has a human and Machine side.” I explained. “Right now it is broken with both sides being fully distinct and not agreeing with the other. The human side doesn’t know what’s going on and is afraid.”

“Still a Machine.” Kered said and Glau’s Machine side took over and stared angrily at Kered. “You both are a perfect pair.”

I just stood there pretending to be fully focused on watching over Glau and not what Kered was saying.

“You both like to play human and pretend there is a good side of you. You’re a Machine and the only reason you’re alive now, Nazilla, is that you’re useful and safe. Don’t think for a second that when that changes that I’ll have remorse about killing you. You can’t live in both worlds and that’s why you’re not right for Samara Crichton. I could give less than a damn about sexuality preferences, I just care that you will harm her.” Kered said and I could see a bit of actual humanity in his words. “You are a Machine and you will end up ruining her, you can’t help that. You will destroy a good fighter of Karma, but she can’t see that.”

With that Kered left and I wondered if he was right. Was I going to lose my humanity? Was it better that I left Samara to find a real human woman?

After I finished up my work with Glau, I went and prepared a special meal for Samara and myself. I even put candles on the table that my Machine self didn’t find a need for. There was perfectly good lights making the candles unneeded.

I also prepared a special meal for her consisting of salmon covered with jalapenos. It wasn’t something she had eaten before, but I had panicked slightly. I knew she liked spicy food and fish seemed like a good addition for the meal.

As I put the food on the table, I went through all the meals I could’ve prepared but I couldn’t think up anything else. The only thing that we had any big quantities of for a fancy meal was fish. Kered really enjoyed fish and so we had a lot of it.

When Samara came in she laughed.

“Naz, you really outdid yourself.” Her grin was small but there.

“Kered enjoys fish.” I replied. “Only thing I could find.”

I pulled out her chair and went to my side of the table that didn’t have any food. I was an M-4, I didn’t need to eat and I shouldn’t unless necessary. As the dinner went on we talked about things that didn’t matter. Shows that we were watching and clothing she was thinking of buying.

I found myself not interested, but trying anyways. She deserved my love and affection in all things.

As for when we got up to the bedroom, I did things I usually didn’t do to her. I made her moan and scream. I pretended to be intensely pleasured while taking in all the data. I made sure to make this night extra special.

As we lay curled up in bed post-coitus, I listened as she slept.

Was I doing the right thing? Shouldn’t I let her be with a human woman?

Running my hand through her hair I knew that I loved her. I knew that I would keep her happy as she kept me happy as we did the give and take of a relationship.

But I couldn’t help feeling that Glau’s hair had felt different and better.

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