Is there ever a problem with being too positive,
where all the grays just become a hassle to decide,
what is debatable to handle,
worst of all for someone to call out,
saying not to waste time,
on something,
that should have been notice before,
few voices is nothing,
but a world’s yell holds more,
and that is a strong move,
at best, yet still moot,
for its just as gray as everything else,
smile or frown,
to touch out to others,
and try,
or become a mutual being,
that only cares in tunnel vision,
or that as wide spread,
like a cancer tumor born from the heart,
alas only knows little of chance of living,
hold onto something,
in weak grip,
slipping to time,
there is to be less or throw it all of faith,
into everything and play on the  love no one bothered to cover,
for it was just too raw,
to contain.



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