They crawl, so eerily, pierce, and alert of everything.

To as to know, their ending was near, it very much is.


Oh so very soon.

Ranges in sizes . . . but impact is all the same.

At some, with fine hairs that give blindness.

A poison runs through their veins, so clear, and so unknown.

They are deadly.

They bring death to smaller walkers of nature.

Fading chances, to give farewell to love ones, for the larger walks of life.

Upon sight of them, of how they show up and long later, are gone.

Alien beings from space.

Yet born on this planet.

What a lie that is!

They are everywhere.


So fast at times, they are never seen again, until it’s too late.

Getting away from them is a challenge.

But one they won’t win.

Never will them!

Bitten into the skin to leave their mark.

A warning now.

But will be fatal.

Now was just a chance of luck.

Far deadly it could have ended.

Long buttresses are always seen first.

The bite later.

May the latter never come!

Never let it come!

On sight, kill.

End it all!

Spare no thought on them.

End them!



Arachnephobia (Europe) or Arachnophobia (North America)

Fear of Spiders and other arachnids

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