S might at times, to never Stray from what beats contained by, that’s just how life works for some.

T could be the Totems of higher lands, hold ways not all understand, but live by it, yet, not always distinct by it.

R can be seen as Rotund lives; that it’s just a word keeps others in line, but in truth, it thins yet means little when expressing does more.

A will have known as Attitude, full of spunk, cheesiness, tone, wacky, and much more while staying the same.

I means Insight, simple as that, so let’s keep it at that.

G is known for the Gap between others, personal thoughts aside, someday it will close or at least become a river to fish at together.

H there wills small chances of Hopefulness comes and go, but by far from being an aloofness hallucination.

T is only stated as open Topics of life, which should be notice and said, before they are just forgotten.


Finally theses blogs of Sexual Choice has come to a close. Well just the ones have made the biggest booms in life. Here are the other ones if you have missed one: G.A.Y., L.E.S.B.I.A.N., and B.I.S.E.X.U.A.L.



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