Starting next week, is my annual Birthday Theme. Every year for my Birthday, I do a theme Week but this year, we are starting a week early because I can’t contain my excitement for this theme to one week. Join me as from January 25th – February 6th, we will be celebrating one of the most influential Disney movies of all time. As we look at and celebrate The Lion King.

1/26/15 – Villains Profile: Scar, we start off by bringing back, the Villains Profile by looking at Scar.

1/27/15 – Heroes of Disney: Simba, The next day, we will be introducing Villains Profile’s new counterpart segment, Heroes of Disney by looking at the journey that Simba goes through and what exactly makes him a hero.

1/28/15 – The Lion King In The Parks, bringing back the In The Parks segment, we will be looking at how this film is represented in he various Disney Parks.

1/29/15 – A Tale of Two Brothers, a story book exploring the past of Scar and Mufasa.

1/30/15 – Music Fridays: Lion King Covers, pretty self explanatory.

2/2/15 – Top 6 Simba Moments, what it says it is.

2/3/15 – The Lion King Movie. Finally, on the 3rd, we will review the movie itself.

2/4/15 – Timon & Pumbaa episode review – a review of the TV spin off series.

2/5/15 – My Thoughts on The Lion Guard, my thoughts on the upcoming new Lion King TV show.

2/6/15 – Music Fridays: The Lion King Broadway songs – We will end the event by looking at my favorite songs from the Broadway adaption of The Lion King.

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