So primitive.

Has it all fallen like this.

Becoming so deep-rooted in dirt, never able to move forward, this is what it has become!

The future has become too bleak, if this has developed into a matter of living.

As to what is around now, so young and fresh, this . . . thing is far an imprudent elder in need of a resting place.

All have fallen deep, if this is still around, so outdated, old-fashion, lack of current passion.

It’s not even second rate, dead last fits it well.

An evolving world can’t move, uproot, if that is still there.


Never, will it be the answer for anything.

Aging way of life, that’s how it will be seen. Why would it last this long.

It should have gotten this far in life.

The future is coming and fast, uncertain in pace.

But it comes.

This is only a lingering reminded of yesterdays.

Everyone needs to plan ahead.

There is no need to linger on something so old, when the future tech only looks . . . brighter.

We move forward.

The past holds nothing.

We move forward.

No need.

There never was.




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