Welcome and hello everyone, so today I am doing for out of norm blog is a sum of work, mostly for those who have unsure what is going on my end. One plus side, since way back from a video James did for his monthly announcement captures; where most of my blogs were going to be out of order. That is almost fixed, for the most part.

With that let’s move onto the rest of the work.





Storm Troopers gift giving

~From one nerd to another with love~

First is gift poems to those on this site, I have hit a mile stone and got at least 2/3 done. So much joy there, these have been fun and still are, and at times the list grows overtime as new people show off their interests, funny/witty sides, flex their voices and typing skills. For that, I like to show a recap of those I have done so far, mostly for to show how many try and give it their all, and mostly my take what I see from them.


They’ll have only their names, but click and their poem link will show them off.


James, Man with No Chin, Madhog thy Master, HorrorViewer, Ankai, Shibby, Pretty Boy/Ratin8or, The Second Opinion, Moviefan12, That Long-Hair Creepy Guy, Painkiller, jashykins, HedonisticActor, Alexthed, timmer, richb, Moderately Annoyed Canadian, FanFic Critic, Fluffyman, BigBlackHatMan, SomeJerkFromBoston, TimeParadox, Jockerlee77, The Creature, Devar Arcvarron, TheHeroOfTomorrow, Decker Shado, Comic Strip Critic, OtherDude92, Infamous Jak, Whyboy, Ox_Bigly, Chilton, Fusionater, Lotus Prince, Les, Jim Bevan, Timdiana, G@BRIEL GR@Y, Gurning Chimp, Atreyu, CarJunkie, Mraspiringactor, Smiffy, and for at this moment Rob Cooper.


Wow that was a big list so far can’t for the rest to come and more people to get to know.




~It’s Over~

Second thing to bring up, as of right now, only one series have ended out of all the ones on my bio. That would be Magnetic Poems, it was only meant as a miniseries (10 Parts), meant it was only to be short lived and have others, readers and maybe future poets, to get the gist of what could come out of it.


There will be no more, please relax, thank you for understanding.





~Nothing big, but thought to at least ask~

Third now, is aimed at you guys. Just some questions and you may answer if you want.

  1. Is doing daily work getting to anyone and should the posting change?
  2. There is likely more series to come, already have 8 that mostly are hitting their big number . . . so in asking, should there be more series or what is going on fine for now?
  3. Thinking of doing another list blog, what kind?
  4. Does anyone know of any sites that help make downlinks to send to others, I really want to get videos for crossover and as now, I have backed out too many and want that to end, so please, anything that could help would be great.
  5. Subjects for poems are endless, are there ones I haven’t touched on? Let me know.
  6. Last question; is there anything I can do help out in the site, because I feel like this going strong and want to see through, so yeah thought to ask.





That’s all I really have to say this moment. Other than that, have a great rest of your days to come. Later!

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