Within on sight of it,
so crowed,
packed to the brim with life.

Unbelievable just trying to walk,
from place to place,
what area it is,
with so many people and building that range,
like the emotions when waking up,
doing the matters just,
reflecting the day,
and soon the impact when finally resting.

On maybe the tallest buildings far too close the sky,
far from the ground,
yet not enough.

To the reach the ever changing sky,
what a feel that becomes.

over the horizon,
farther than maybe,
any local knows,
as the life fades out.

How the lights slim out,
like veins,
still strong but so fine.

Up close,
every sound of auto nature plays and dances around the ears,
in happily distressful music,
that plays a new tune every day and night.

As to out there,
a sudden sound is likely what spooks oneself,
but there is also life.

Just not intense compare to here,
of this home,
sudden change happens.

Very acute thoughts it brings.

that’s home for anyone,
between those worlds.

To wonder,
of how it looks from the sky,
of how the homes change.

Must doable be from a doctor’s deep view of the heart.

Holds the most,
does what it can,
vines out to all the rest,
transferring life,
a second ounce at a time.

Powerful lights,
blinding when close,
but string along,
beating a tune that only it knows.

Living a place like this,
up close,
or distance holds so much.

An impact like this only comes once,
to wonder what else is out there is nerving, but luckily,
it’s the good kind.

A requested that was given way back, like way back from Jockerlee77. This is passed late, but it finally came through. Hope it was what you were hoping for Jockerlee77. Later!

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