I was 13 when MMPR first aired. I’m not sure I was the target demographic age for the show.

My first introduction to the show was in the toy aisle of my local Target. A few weeks before I saw the toys
I remember thinking to myself that it would be cool if there was a live action Voltron series, then I thought I was having my thoughts stolen when I saw the Zords for the first time on the toy shelf. (Seriously. I mean, I even had a concept for an mp3 player device back in 1999… TINFOIL!!!)

I watched a few episodes and after a while began to see the cheapness of the series.
This caused my friend and I to start watching it MST3K style, making fun of the show but nonetheless kinda getting into it as well. Even though we always claimed to hate Power Rangers.

I started to do with this show what I did with most shows I liked: fan fiction. However at the time I wasn’t aware of the term. It was more like “What would I do if I was able to enter the world of the show knowing what I know about it. Everything from telling the rangers I knew who they where and that maybe they should’t always dress color-coded to their respective rangers, to my becoming a ranger (Silver Rhino Ranger).

I bought the Zord toys and I had all three. The Megazord, Dragonzord and Titanus. the latter of which looks like it was named to try to slip something dirty under the censor’s radar. (they succeeded) I claimed I got the Zords because I was having “Voltron withdraws” but to be honest the robot toys are cool.

I can’t forget to mention the music. Ron Wasserman‘s music on the show was awesome.
I didn’t realize it at the time, it was just there. But now I see his rock songs for the action pumping music it was set up to be.

I remember noticing the Zord footage looked older and this coupled with the dubbing of Rita Repulsa I knew it was from another show. I started taping and watching the credits to try to see where it came from. but all I could find was “Galaxy Rangers” and the name Toei Co. LTD. I knew this name! It was the same people who made Voltron… OK, now it makes more sense.

I went hunting for this Galaxy Rangers. I found that I could order VHS tapes from my local Blockbuster (wow that’s a dated sentence) and I found Galaxy Rangers in their catalog. When it finally arrived… I was kinda shocked.
The logo was similar to Power Rangers, but it was a cartoon. OK whatever. I took it home and put it on and was immediately pissed off.
I’m sure that The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers is a great show and I might give it a serious watch some day. However, whatever jerk-wad at the distribution company that thought it was a good idea to steal the MMPR font to try and sell tapes to your grandma should be drug out into the street and shot.

One thing that made it overwhelmingly obvious that Saban was using footage from another show was when they started with the Thunder Zords. I still don’t know to this day why they didn’t carry over the outfits from the Sentai… Then the ninja Zords happened… man that was dumb.

Within that time my friend and I went to go see Power Rangers The Movie (he still denies it) we did however keep the “we hate Power Rangers” attitude.
I stayed watching the series until the end of Power Rangers Zeo. I haven’t watched any other series since then.
I did however flip on my TV one Saturday morning in 1999 to find a rather interesting Sci-fi show.
They where trying to evacuate Earth and I was into it for a while, then I heard the word “zord” and at that point it simultaneously gained and lost credit to me.
It gained credit because they finally hired some good writers, and lost credit because, well.. it was Power Rangers. At this point I was already done with the show as a whole.

Years went by and I haven’t given Power Rangers another thought other than seeing the newest toys and thinking “They’re still making that?”

A few years ago I started watching Linkara’s History Of Power Rangers mainly out of curiosity of the shows I missed as well as a nice look back at the ones I remember seeing in first run. I highly recommend those videos for anyone who likes Power Rangers.

As I’m sure a lot of you know by now some potentially great things are starting to happen for us fans of the old school MMPR.
There is a movie on the horizon (I hope it doesn’t suck) and this February KyōryÅ« Sentai Zyuranger, the original Japanese version of what we first got as Power Rangers will be released on DVD for the first time in America.

I have watched a few fan subbed episodes of Zyuranger and a few of Dairanger (Thunder Zords) online and I can’t wait to see these on DVD. I love to see what the original shows were and how/what they changed to become Power Rangers.

There are a few things I would dare say I would like to see transferred over from the Sentai into the upcoming film reboot, for example: In the Sentai, the Rangers where representatives of the five ancient tribes of the Earth. They used the powers and guardian beasts to defend against evil.
It would be nice to have this in the film as a much better alternative to “teenagers with attitude” that all happen to already be friends and go to the same school.
Also in the Sentai the Rangers had to go on a quest to find their respective weapons, power coins and guardian beasts.

They have the opportunity to make this an awesome action adventure film and I hope they don’t go down the same road as a lot of nostalgic movie properties and either miss the mark entirely (Transformers), or be a parody of it’s source material (Land Of The Lost).

I’m not saying it shouldn’t be funny or have funny moments. They should, just not at the property’s expense. Have some call backs and maybe third-and-a-half-wall type jokes. Like maybe make a comment on how vein Zordon is for naming the robots “Zords”.

But I could go on forever about what I would like to see in the film.

I’m starting to watch MMPR again on Netflix and I can’t say it’s held up well, but I’m trying to re-watch it in hopes that I can see what I liked about it and to sort of prepare me for the coming Sentai DVD binge watching I’ll be doing.

I might give a blog review either on the entire Sentai series as a whole or the individual episodes, I haven’t decided.

I just wanted to give my experiences and thoughts on the show and franchise as a whole.

Thank you for your time.

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