As the site ages,
the chances of new faces grow,
and the ones that have come,
have moments and strong ones.

For a moment,
in short blogs of maybe,
three blogs,
someone can have impact.

The need for more is nice,
and wonderful of what could come.

Best of yet,
this person hasn’t a notch,
the range will grow,
along with his creativity.

Wishing there was more to say,
but at this moment,
there could real life right,
which is good.

Real life holds a defining time,
to forms one work.

So when he comes back,
Rob Cooper,
you will be welcome back with open arms.

You still have a young,
filled with ideas that should be heard,
and here it will be show with chance.

When it happens,
know it,
you are just awesome,
for someone who came and went.

Just like that.

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