Keep it down.

Don’t think about it but think how to keep it at bay.

Never think about what make the reflex happen, just stop it.

Never do it until thought through.

It shows weakness.

Keep it down.

It will reflex to whatever unease one’s self control.

The odors of the unknown somehow will reach back the farthest.

Tickling the gorge.

With unsettling sights that, at times, could be out of a crude humor or gore.

Burns the eyes, flexing the body, to bend to that feel.

Don’t let it happen.

No, never so be it.

Block it from the hearing range.

Like a chain whip, all fall in place, unless one breaks.

Plead if that is a luck try.

Some would dare call it a natural affect on life, through the body, growth.

Laughable at best in another tune to it.

It’ll just prickle, ground, scuff, and tear its way through.

Keep it down.

Swallow it back.

Shudder enough to flex the body muscles from retracting back.

Keep it down.

Bite back if needed.

Curl in, tightening the insides, to keep it at bay.

Do not release it.

Down and never out.

Whatever attracts it, stay away from, it will cause harm.

Curl in and away.

Refluxing only shows weakness, that’s all to it.

Keep it down.




Fear of Vomiting

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