In the brink of life, when the inundation lowered to a walking pace, greens twined along, that in meaning for even in the dents evils of floods, good can survive if the will is burly enough. Far in distance of one’s mind, a sample that proves the words just, the blue lotus lily.

So blue that matches the color of the sky graced the lands in connections of those rulers above. Drawn in by the senses of life and death, the lotus does just that for every crimson morning to navy night.

Rumored to that if eyes set on the lone lotus that calmed the changing century flood, luck will be poise of all walks of life and maybe in guide onto the afterlife. A small token it is, but on a larger scale, Nefertem’s meaning to the world will grow with him.

While in tales to Ra, their God of all who hear all prays. The action course is left to Nefertem’s hands, on who gets a dream easily and who needs to work, just a little harder. None of these is lack of understanding, when at times, he is mistaken for Ra, common mistake, but a prideful boast in ego only pushes him to work harder.

As in hastily healing and becoming an inner aging beauty, in life of creation, balances out for rebirth and chance. Nefertem’s human form is never seen, only the slim green stem with curled leaves, as the petals of cerulean bend akin to lips, smiling and enjoying for the passing seasons.

If one was to search for him, in asking of how the afterlife becomes one altar future, how will it change not only oneself, but those around? Never turn for a human, only a wild young lion cub, living in life to the fullest and play now, work later.

That little lion cub that is undisruptive from a distance but wistful close; with eyes of unnatural sea that never ends. Vast and wide that never seems bleak but superb joy that just washes over that see it, may it as that plays through. In simple to how as to that, curiosity, say even though it is just a myth.

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