He is brave,
how of so is this,
can be seen of the hidden cursed vault that lies under the home foundation,
carved with the numbers that only be sign of hopelessness.

They burn a hot red color,
and only he can keep it at bay.

With a still face,
along with flowing dry humor,
and very deep details . . .
that vault stays shut for just a little bit longer.

On sight of this,
he’s become a reviewer that pop out of the blue,
with the flair he has at the tip of his fingers.

At times,
by others,
he could be seen as evil himself,
for how able ease,
with no fear of annihilation,
most likely will come from it.

Why again,
he is seen as brave to some,
crazy to others.

But none less,
pleasant and a solid worker!

Sadly for now,
Smiffy has gone underground,
keeping the vault from opening,
and no doubt trying to take over the world,
in time;
he’ll come back and striking the iron hot,
with his new views on media as a whole.

Until then,
we wait,
and hope the world doesn’t wither away without him.

For he’s a member,
even for a short time of speaking with and knowing,
he’s a pal,
and is always welcome here.

May if that rein,
that Smiffy has made his,
never dies out,
with that,
fare day well!

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