Look at them;just look at them. Hold each other shoulder to shoulder while kissing in plain view of people as they waled around them. Have they no shame. and speaking of Shame why the hell is my girl with him. yes she my girl. She belong to me. and no one else. she should have know better that i am the one who truly love have and would do anything to protect her. not that fool who dress as throw he belong to a gang and who family can barely put food on the table. a boy who had spine more time at the principal office than in class. a boy who was was known to had mess around with 2 girls in the boys locker room. and while in his own grandmother. house. yet despite all that she still want to be with him…Him!

This can not stand i will not lost my love to a unworthy jackass who will miss treat her, and cheat on her the frist time he get. it time that i put end to this love tragic y before it get began. and what better way than to start them by getting word to her dad about the company her precious little had been keeping.

Yes everything is working s plain. the moment i give word to her farther. about her so call brew and did not waste anytime heading to the school ground and snatching her her that thing she call her boyfriend. from a distant my eyes are beaming that is until her farther had strike her in fort of the whole school. my anger almost got the better of me. how dare he put a hand on my girl. my face turn red. but for the sake of my woman i stand in th background as she was dragged in her father’s linomess in tears yes it is a smile price to pay, but in the end it was for the best in order to make sure that trug keep his hand and eye off my girl.

What this, her father is coming back and give a right hook to that punk. hum, now this i do not mine for he had it coming. and after a few kick to his lift ribs all of his class mates had came to his aid yet not after her father had ward him consequences if he ever see him with his daughter. again. yes that it everything is working in my favor. that is.

God dammit! That bastard is still seeing her. and in secret. this is an outage. don’t she understand that she i am her future husband and of great family royalty. and she only be with people of her kind and of mine choosing. what the hell is she thinking. And that trug. did he not get the hint that she will never be his and that she is mine all mine. fine if her parents could not stop him from seeing her than i will. all I have to do is fine out thier secret meetings and at the right time i will stake him down like the no good trug he is.

it took a view weeks but i had finally found out where they had been secretly meeting. they been meeting in the otherside of town; Park Slope. in fact and they have been spinning their so call secret meeting had been taking place in Dean Street playground. this is prefect. not only did had track own there love nest and time. butit a prefect place to put an end to there love lust once and all, and what i mean they i mean he. yes i will not inform her farther this time. for all it would do will force them to change their location. no i have to make sure that trug never see the lite of day again.yes it is hash but he was warn of the consequence if he lay his eyes again. it is a punishment that i happy to dish out in my girl honor and because they meet in the dead of nigh no one will ever suspect if was me that but end to their relationship to him. any man who act like a trug and don’t have respect of others including themselves do not devised to live thrush me it is for the best. him and his family worthless good for nothing saps who. want nothing but a hand out. who do not want to work for there keeps and have more kids that my family tax dollards gose to pay for.

No, it is for the best. he will not be miss not by anyone. and after time pass my girl will realize that I true love the whole time.

he said this while smiling at the black pistol that lay carelessly on his dresser draw


PSA 02


By Jockerlee 77

Co writer T-Kun U.W.S III

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