Just to warn . . . I only picked that word for it fits the pattern I wanted the letters to be in, this has nothing to do about Prom, but if you want to, go right on ahead.



P is how sadly people can be Pessimistic about the world, dark with no assure of onward potential, nothing, no light, no chance, just keeping living until breathing is finally gone.

R for how a thought thinking Realist, everything has its place, time, meaning, as it coats in black and white to make gray and live life to the fullest and take everything that comes, simple and not over thinking nor under thinking, thus only playing until life says goodbye.

O forms the in high spirits to Optimistic, where everything is bright and full, wonderful, when people die they live in spirit, there a chance for everything, there is no evil of any kind, just to make drama for the sake of it and not all that bad others say.

M leaves nothing else but, Me and you, lame way of saying it, but it is true, we are just people taking a path, having goals to climb and dreams to think about, seeing the world our way, no matter how we see life, we live it our way, till the end that just loves to play treats and tricks . . . life, that’s how it is.


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