You work hard over time,
gaining a certain trade of cards to master,
for the sake that you can.

Doubtless fate for how,
no there is regrets.

But don’t linger in heavy hits.

Repeat over in mind and heart.

They didn’t like it.

Didn’t come to par in what,
others hope for.

Not all work will be loved.

That just shows how divided we are.

Even at time, we all flock to things others do too.

Moth to fire.

Burn or stare,
is how it ends.

With how it ends.

There will be dislike and doubt.

In all,
be smart and never dare to fit in,
of what they want,
in your craft.

Work with what you have and you’ll find your place.

Rejection will come.

But you learn from it.

For whatever talent it could be.

Embrace it!

Don’t give up like I did.

It wasn’t the fighter’s way.

At the end of it all . . .
go for it!

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