“Don’t yell at me!”
“Do it right and,
I won’t!”
“Stop it!”
“Damn it.”
“You bit him.”
“He was asking,
For it.”
“Oh boo-hoo.”
“Bastard child!”
“Do you want,
To die?”
“I won’t do it.”
“For the USA,
You will to.”
Fuck you!”
“Don’t say,
“Shut up!”
The other,
Groans in pain.
The others watch in.
A rib was broken.
Do you want,
To end up,
Like him?”
Gut to heart words.
“Fuck you and,
Your country.”
“Seems we’ll have,
Try something new.”
Snap of the,
Show no fear.
A face that’s says,
Do your worse.
The men bring,
The dip.
A liquid so,
To burn the,
Men of anyone’s,
“Are you sure,
You want this.”
“I’ll be keeping,
My freedom.”
“Your lost.”
And the screams,
Fill the room as,
Every man who dare,
Fought back,
Watch as the dip,
Melted them,
To nothing.

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