Hello and welcome to In Too Deep Harry Potter vs Star Wars, where I finally decide which one of these franchise is better.

Now a year or so ago James Daniel Walsh wrote this infamous statement: “Star Wars is the cultural mythos of our generation”, to which I argued that while it was true for his generation, my generation’s cultural mythos was Harry Potter. Now, a year of putting it off, I’m finally going to sit down and analyse both of these franchise. So without further ado…

Now to keep this series balanced I got three other people to help me out. I’ve already shown what Les has to say, after this I’ll get the chosen one to speak, but now I have someone on my side. So welcome Fusionater, making his return to blogging by backing up my arguments. Now, side-note, I originally wrote that opening blog a bit differently, since what I planned to write on changed as I was writing it. So while I’ll give context for each of Fus’ statements, bear in mind they are in response to things I’ve either not covered or covered differently than I did before. Anywho, back to the discussion:

The Narrative

(See “Blog #2: You’re a Jedi, Luke” for my views on it).

“I would argue that on a narrative standpoint, Harry Potter has the edge on the grounds that both it’s main character and the supporting characters have had so much time to get developed and understood by the audience, where-as Luke Skywalker is meant to be the everyman in an effort to stir relation to the audience, this works, but to me, it’s just not nearly as strong for storytelling. As far as the story itself, it’s so brilliantly told in Harry Potter, with a plot that properly escalates in scope and epicness throughout a 7/8 course meal of storytelling, we start by learning about the world and beginning to care about what happens in it. in Star Wars, this happens as well, but it’s so quick to the more intense bits that Star Wars(A new hope), feels a bit hollow to me. This is fixed in Empire Strikes Back, but the original Star Wars could have built the world better.”

The Contribution the Films Made.

(See “Blog #5: Help Me Les, You’re My Only Hope” for Les’ views, and “Blog #6: A Great Disturbance in the Force” for my views).

“Star Wars advanced cinema roughly 10-15 years ahead of it’s time, that’s the big achievement there, and it’s a great one, no sugarcoating needed. Harry Potter is the first major attempt to bring the scope of a major novel series to a fully realized franchise. No other adaptation before the Harry Potter movies had tried something so ambitious. Star Wars is the clear winner here, but Harry Potter has a strong point in it’s favor, paving the way for the likes of the Hunger Games and several other novel adapted series. Though it could be argued that The Lord of the Rings stands alongside Harry Potter in this regard.”

The Cultural Impact

(See “Blog #3: The Force is Strong With This One” for my views)

“Harry Potter affected the most recent Generations more than Star Wars, and Star Wars, perhaps do to it’s longevity, has affected culture in a broader sense. Harry Potter held the minds of viewers in tow for over 14 years with increasingly popular merchandising, it was everywhere, and for that, in no small way did it impact the minds of the children seeing it right then and there.

“But it’s Star Wars!” Some argue, sorry, but that came out the 1970’s well before my time, you can argue all you want for how it’s affected filmaking or politics or Michelle Obama’s cup size or whatever. But it has not affected me, not in the same way that The DC superheroes, Marvel Movies, and yes, Harry Potter, have.”

The Fandoms

(See “Blog #4: I Find Your Lack of Faith Disturbing” for my views).

“Star Wars no doubt wins on the fandom level of things, in part because the fandom has matured to the point of being able to integrate into the culture in a meaningful way, with fan edits that actually improve the original star wars movies on a picture quality level, many Youtube and television parodies and re-enactments. There’s no way of knowing if the time for Harry Potter fans to do this much with their fandom will come, but for now, the Star Wars fans have the edge.”

The Generational Battle

(Again, see “Blog #4: I Find Your Lack of Faith Disturbing” for my views, since it’s a pretty long one).

“Star Wars is not my mythology, period, superheroes are my mythology. In fact, Superheroes have been the mythology of many people, well before even Star Wars came out, there is so much more richness in the 1000’s of different stories told in superhero universes as opposed to the single simple story told by Star Wars or any of it’s spin-offs, sure you can have different characters, but in the end, you’re really limited to Jedi’s, Fully armored troops, some robots, and the force. Interesting, but it can never hold me like something with superheroes involved.”

The Future

(See “Blog #9: A New Hope” for my views).

“Star Wars has become has become a cash cow that only gets brought back time and again to make money off the fans, story is second, no doubt Harry Potter will eventually reach full cash-cowedness as well, but for now, Star Wars is the Whore of media, and she won’t stop dancing.”

So there you have it. Someone else to aim your pitchforks and torches at while I get a free blog out of it. If you disagree with anything, or have anything to add, feel free to leave a comment. Till next time.

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