Hello & welcome back to Trotting Through Life. Today, I’m doing something different. If any of you are familiar with the company Funko, they are best known for their Pop! series of figures such as this one.

And I’ll be honest and say that I’ve always found these a bit creepy. However, their Vinyl figures of the MLP characters have drawn my attention for looking excellent and capturing the look of the characters quite well. So, this Christmas with an Amazon gift card, I ordered two of their Vinyl Figures, Trixie and Fluttershy. My favorite villain and my favorite character and I have to say that for the most part, I’m impressed. Let’s start with Trixie.

For the most part, I am rather happy with Trixie. I love that she is her cape and hat from “Boast Busters”. She wouldn’t feel like Trixie without them. I do have one minor issue with Trixie however. As we know, Trixie is a unicorn but for some reason, this figure doesn’t have her horn. My belief is that it is tucked underneath her hat . And other than that, I really like her look.

I also noticed on her front left hoof, you could find the MLP logo.

All in all, I’m quite happy with Trixie and feel that she turned out quite well. Now, let’s move onto Fluttershy. Fluttersh arrived the day after Trixie came and when her box came, I was super excited to open it. Now, I understand that Fluttershy is an older model than Trixie but overall, I love this figure.

The only real negative I have is that her cutie mark is only one side, when in the show, the marks are on both sides but other than that, she’s great. The face has really good detail and her hair is really going down the side.

I gotta say that I really love this figure and these two are right now sitting my next desk. I’m now just waiting for Funko to make a Cadance Vinyl. If you are an MLP fan, these are worth it. Now the prices may vary on where you purchase them. These both were about 12 dollars each on Amazon. Peace!

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