A spouting moment it can be, at whatever turn, it could happen.

Even just a slip of the mind, proof there it is.

At whatever turn.

Don’t think it.

Don’t act it.

Don’t speak of it.

Must stay abound to the rules, which the holy being, from above has given!

One shall show no weakness.


They are nothing but petty feels, of an animistic person.

Within embryonic skin.

Meaningless urges will not break down the mind.



Do not react in weakness.

Don’t let weakness break one self.

There is no reason for it.

Memoires of it, hold nothing, of any promise.


Contain it, contain!

They are nonentity but unwanted pleasures.

Don’t go near them.




Let the wills of endurance be what holds one life line.

There is nothing to jump to it. Nothing.

There will be nothing to bend to it.

Don’t let ways of negative thoughts be it, which breaks the bones.

Harsh no let it comes, nothing of it, will come from it.

Here lies of this, the dark worlds, will never come true.

Only needs forbearance.

And all will fall into place.

Leaving nothing else but peace.




Fear of Sinning

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