I made this one simply for a goof. I have no memory of what the inspiration was or anything else. In any case, I took the vocal track from Hey Ya by Outkast and mixed it with two versions of “She Loves You” by The Beatles. The first is Sie liebt dich, the German language version. I am pretty sure that I chose this only because the stereo split pushes the vocals way into the background on one side. I also mixed in a version of the song by Hollyridge Strings, just to give the song a fuller sound.

As fun as it was to make this, it was also quite difficult. First off, using the entirety of two rock ‘n’ roll tracks meant quite a bit of synching problems. Furthermore, while many songs (particularly in pop) have musical phrases of four, eight, or twelve bars, “Hey Ya” uses five and a half. Since “She Loves You” has maybe four bars for a phrase, I had to do copious amounts of editing. As such, the song may have a bit of a loose and messy feel. I guess that I could have made it tighter and cleaner, but I kind of like it the way that it is.

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