If there something to enjoying about people,
that are likely to never meant in person,
are the hints about them,
on this little site of ours.

Small moments like this,
in straight out benefit from,
for of how people:
want to be seen by others,
or surpass what others think beyond that.

A little touch like that is just something to just be in awe about.

For how an icon gives a detail of one person,
so does their username.

With such interest;
in living up to the username,
and going even farther than that!

What courage a person can have!

There is always something to look forward,
within snippets as days go by.

for what little is given about you,
there is a lot,
to be held by it,
and never let go of.

there is the understanding,
which a goal doesn’t always play out for others,
so if even you end up in just,
B-rated cult films,
you’re just as aspiring.

Keep up and press on,
that lime light only gets closer.

Take a bow now;
you’re already,
award wining to some,

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