Well, I finally got the chance to see the film that’s being getting a lot of hype and controversy surrounding it from when the first official trailer came out. Personally, I had no really interest in seeing the film at first when I saw the trailer. I merely saw it as just a dumb comedy movie (as I do with most comedies films that are coming out recently,) and then all of the controversy started up.
While the threats of war and complaints came about, my opinion never really changed for it. Eventually the film was pulled from major theater chains but still remained at lesser known theaters, thus limiting the masses getting the chance to see it. Regardless of the controversy, the film was met with mixed reviews. Most of them ranging with biased opinions about it. While I didn’t rent it, I found a theater that was showing it and I decided it would be at least a way to get out of the house (and back indoors) and saw The Interview, hoping I’d get to see if it’s actually worth getting all of the attention it’s received.

In it, James Franco plays Dave Skylark, a late night television host whose show has reached its One Thousandth Episode. Soon after celebrating with his Producer Aaron Rapoport (Seth Rogen), Aaron and Dave soon find out that the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un (Randall Park), is a fan of their show and Aaron’s gets the idea to arrange an interview with him. Shortly afterwards, He is contacted and gets the chance for the interview to happen. After a massive celebration and announcement of the interview, they are greeted on the morning after by members of the CIA who then ask them to eliminate him while they are in North Korea, and they decide to accept their offer.


Personally, I don’t think that Skylark who would have been able to do the task by himself with Aaron’s help because of how he is in the film. I’ve heard a lot of negative things that have been said about Franco himself and if you’re one of those people who doesn’t like him as a person, this film will simply make you hate him even more. The Character of Dave Skylark was simply an idiot. He simply doesn’t think about the majority of his actions. Even when he does, he goes about it like a sex-driven monkey who constantly makes references to Lord of the Rings all the time.
Meanwhile, Aaron is left to often do everything since Skylark is believing Kim is a nice guy due to all the time they’ve spent together prior to the Interview. (The CIA mentioned in the film he was a Master of Manipulation.) Aaron seemed the one out the two who actually showed dedication to the mission instead of wanting to screw around with Dave. He often tries to get Dave back on track, but all of his attempts are for nothing though as Dave would either ignore or mock him. Aaron would probably be the more likable of the two, but that’s not saying much since I didn’t care much for those two characters.


The two CIA agents in the film only show up in the beginning of the film, only to brief them on their mission and then to pop back into the film now and then to give the two of them help when they needed it. (Mainly involving how they were supposed to eliminate Kim via a strip containing ricin failed because it was eaten by a guard who they told that it was a piece of gum.) They were essentially there just to fill up space and I suppose help deliver some of the jokes in the film.

We also get the character Sook who is the head of the country’s television networks and is the one who overviews and constructed the Interview who Aaron starts to become attracted to early in the film. She’s basically there to later help Aaron and Dave out near the end and could’ve been cut out all together. Although she did bring up one interesting point in the film about how you can’t just take out the leader with a gun, but they had to basically make him human to take him down instead. (They kill him anyway though.)


Then we are left with Randall Park’s portrayal of Kim Jong-Un.

He is first shown as a rather shy yet nice person who happens to be the leader of a Country who becomes a fanboy when he meets Skylark and is given a backstory that he acts the way he does because he isn’t considered good enough to fill in his father’s legacy. While this saddens him and tries to make him seem sympathetic to Skylark, this is also what drives him to be a merciless leader near the end of the film. While I can’t question the accuracy of him in the film (I doubt it’s accurate) I will admit he did give the best performance out of the cast. He gave a performance which could make him seem likable while being serious at times and he definitely was one of the film’s better aspects for me.

While being advertised as a Satirical Comedy, the film mostly uses juvenile humor much like some of the other films I’ve seen Seth Rogen and James Franco in. The majority of the Satire in the film is done while being put underneath the typical Rogen style of humor. They do touch upon some minor issues with the country, but it doesn’t go anywhere and is left alone, never really mentioned afterwords. Plus I don’t think you’d really consider Skylark and Kim driving a Tank and listening to Katy Perry’s “Firework” to be high class satire.

(Although, There was a joke during the interview with Skylark and Kim that I thought was hilarious.)
Obviously, The one thing that’s gotten many people upset at this is the film’s plot of taking out and making fun of the leader of North Korea. Personally, I know this plotline has been done before and I’ve seen the idea of making fun of a Leader of a Country, (mainly on South Park) so it didn’t seem to bother me on that point. Their choice of whom they picked for the idea could have been a bit better, but I know they had to change their choice since the film’s concept was conceived in 2000 was going to be Kim Jong-il instead, but they were beaten to the it at the time with Team America: World Police.


In the end, I thought this was just a dumb movie. I really don’t think that this movie is worth getting so upset over, It’s just an average dumb comedy movie that has an assassination plot thrown into the mix. I’ll admit that Randall Park did a good job, but aside from that they was very little for me to find interest in since most of the film is piled up with humor. I don’t know how the film will be seen over the course of time, but it will definitely be interesting to see how it’s perceived by the masses.

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