In the matters of having any signs of light to guide oneself to a grand future. There are the laws, the justice, the order, the morality, and most of all that must leave one’s being, that of holy or mortal; truth. Through life and death, this balance bears weight on all, heavy as chains and bleeding sharp as daggers but light as a feather and unformed as air.

This balance must play, or all of what is the world of the sands, would be in chaos of black and white, one overpower the other. Leaving that of gray all to nothing but specks found in the sky, that is often mistake for stars. Alas, that is a fail tale, long as winding winds go from coming morning to passing night.

Young Ma’at does one fair as her can do. With nothing but her leave-head, open heart of judgments, and feather plucked by the right-wing of her father, Ra as her only guide of doing what is right. But also wrong.

If a wrong is to come, punishment is given, her back bare those shallow rivers of red. Ageing and fading in centuries to come. Her love knows this unfit, for she eyes could betrayed, looking upon one soul only skin-deep, never looking farther than burns before her, just as the tables of those wrong weathered away slowly but surely to never be seen.

Her mind knowing, in coming futures, new mindful souls will know, but will hold no ill judgment to the young. Only the bitter that speak feverishly of something, lack less of details of her mistakes.

Ma’at must support or lose it all, it can not happen.

Repeats forever that balance is ever needed. Having oncoming births of fresh minds, lift with nothing else but truth to those dear. Raise up a hand in need not shame or shun. Order will stay clear and spoken as offering praise of food to the heavens to Ra and the higher ranks. Justice and morality will dance a dangerous game, but one with understanding, that is an answer for all, even when feeling bleak of it.

There is price, not just a god or goddess knows of, mortals come to fair share of it. In time, when laws are in feel of sin, but to that, sin must vastly be known as a balance. And to that is judgment, thus to applies that Ma’at’s words are not the only ones to heed. Mostly likely oneself, if they are close to what Ma’at is.

She is a keeper, but also the people of those she looks after, living and dying day by day. Unknowing along the way, with nothing words in the mouth, work at the hands, and just luck of living up to what higher ranks wants, out of the land of sands that is balances but is tipping by every passing second. That is far out of her control, and she sadly knows that.

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