Happy 2015, guys!

I made a ton of New Year’s resolutions this year, half of which I’m gonna forget before Valentine’s Day.

But one that I’m NOT going to forget is that I promised to be active around here again. My most recent semester of college (okay, the entire year thus far) had me too wiped to do anything but play video games and chat with Creepy.

And the year outside of college? Pretty much sucked. So this year’s gonna be different.

For starters, I’m gonna start posting again — I have plans to geek out about X-Men, Storm, Disney, Square-Enix, and a little company called Mistwalker Games. In fact, video games are going to be a MUCH bigger part of my repertoire, since I realized I forgot to talk about anything game-related amid the flurry of video game news and controversy that 2014 brought with it.

Also, I’m gonna talk about this adorable goofball:


and why YouTube Let’s Players ate up so much of my time last year.

I’m not making excuses I swear

All this, and you lucky saps STILL get to hear me snark about movies and TV over on Creepy’s videos as Chibi-Cthulu.

I’m racking up the good karma already!

jk please don’t be mad I’m sorry I left you hanging

Happy 2015!

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