Did anyone see that lovely little summary of what Manic Expression accomplished since we moved from Webs to Blue Host in August of this year? If you didn’t here’s a link.

Basically it just tells you the top posts, how many countries our content is viewed in (141!), and how people are finding us. Turns out we owe a lot of our audience to one member in particular.

Rowdy C. Moore has become one of the most popular video producers we’ve ever had on Manic Expression. His show, TV Trash, is among our top content on Springboard, and, through his site, rowdyc.com, we’ve gotten many new members and views for a variety of other content here at Manic Expression.

Rowdy is…well, he’s sort of an outspoken guy. He isn’t one to back down from a fight, and not everyone is a fan of that. When Sony pulled The Interview from release (before they back peddled and put it back up) I read an impassioned lambasting of the studio on Rowdy’s Facebook page. Some, of course, made the argument that a stupid stoner movie wasn’t worth anyone getting hurt over. That wasn’t the point, and Rowdy stood his ground. We’re either free or we’re not, and no one is going to tell him he can’t watch a movie, least of all some pissant pussy hacker.

Manic Expression is a community made up of many different types of people. I think the trolls on certain sites that shall remain nameless tend to lump us all together. Not easy to do with so many people. Here on Manic Expression we have lovers and we have fighters. We have the shy and the bold. We people who love My Little Pony and people who LOVE My Little Pony.

Rowdy is just the kind of guy any community needs. He’ll stick to his guns, and he’ll stick up for his friends. In a cyber world full of angry critics who scream just to get noticed, Rowdy stands for something.

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