Back in July 2014, a friend of mine said another friend of his was looking for extras for a web series called Hunting Season. This post caught my eye because, while they said I wasn’t getting paid for it, they did say that they would give an SAG waiver to extras. So I decided to sign up for it. A few days after filming, they sent the waiver in to everyone. I managed to sign it and get it in before the due date.

However, they said that I would get it in 8-10 weeks. 8 weeks after I had done the paperwork, I didn’t get the waiver. I called the casting director (I didn’t have the producers’ number) and she said that the producers had sent in all the contracts. So I called SAG and they said that I had to call background to see if they had the contract. I called the background department and they said they didn’t have the contract. This made me feel crushed-I had a chance to start working towards being SAG and, as it turned out, it seemed that I blew the chance. I mean, I know it was gonna be a while before I would ever join SAG anyway (I can’t afford it), but, still, at least it was a start to becoming a member, even if I wasn’t going to be a member for a while! Besides, if I have the eligibility to join the union, it’ll look better to both agents and possibly casting directors (If I somehow get the chance to audition for a SAG project)!

So, it seemed like a big opportunity passed-then I remembered something: I didn’t sign the contract under my stage name (and the name I use for my facebook)-I signed it under my real name. So I called Background again, asking if they could possibly find a contract for Kevin Higgins; they said, they couldn’t possibly have it but the New Media department might have it. So I called them and, as it turns out, they did have it. So they entered my name into the database and I became pre-eligible. I will say that I’m not in too much of a hurry to get the other 2 waivers to make me eligible because it costs $3,000 to become a member (and I don’t have that money) plus, if I become SAG, that means I can’t do non-union projects, but I’m at least relieved that, when I am able to get those two waivers, I’ll just need two more and I’ll be able to join.

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