Some of you may have seen my post on Facebook about taking a break. Well, not happening. I’ve got to much planned out. Starting with one of the biggest theme weeks, I’ll ever tackle. It’ll probably be this year’s Birthday theme.

I also plan to a multi part comic book review of the mini series, Figment from Marvel

As for Trotting Through Life,

I have plans for a Top 6 Sunset Shimmer Moments. Top 6 Least Favorite Stories/Episodes. This list will most likely combine the comics and show. Unless, you think I should do a separate list for the show and a different list for the comics. Again, let me know down below.

As for The Magic of Storybrooke, that’s going on hiatus until The Queens of Darkness arc starts up. I have no interest in reviewing the Frozen subplot as I am burned out on Frozen and it was getting real tiring talking about Frozen every week.

I may also do a Screen To Stage on Beauty and The Beast.

And if there is anything else, you’d like to see me cover. Let me know. And I’m already thinking that this year’s Summer Month Theme will encompass the Old West. So, BBHM, if you wanna collab with me on any of those, that’d be awesome. Just kidding.

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