Yeah yeah, I know that dozens of people have already done this kind of list. I also know Doug Walker himself also did a list like this. And yes I also know that this is not a video show it’s a blog which takes some of the fun out of it when you have to click links. But screw it I’m doing this anyway. .

I have been a long time fan of Nostalgia Critic for awhile now and still can’t get enough. I have already done a list of my favorite episodes, so today I want to go over my favorite jokes. These are gags that I can see over and over and will make me laugh even if I am not even watching the episode. It takes a lot of talent to make a joke so funny that I find myself trying not to laugh out loud because it just popped into my head at work or whatever and I don’t want people to think I’m nuts.  In fact that was how I picked my choices, by scrolling through the list of episodes and seeing what I remember.



Before I begin, I tried to find standalone clips but some of the links below are to the joke from wherever it fell in the episode. So feel free to click off after the moment I have described has passed. Unless you love that episode. Oh, and yes this is a top 15. If you read my stuff it should come as no big surprise I couldn’t narrow it down more. I also tried to have choices they were not as beaten to death with over use (the Chuck Norris meme for example) or any that Mr.Walker himself had on his own list, but there are a few exceptions.



So where do we begin?




#15.Care Bears

Most people would do the “Taste the Rainbow Mother F***er” gag but not me. I really don’t know why this gets me. It’s such a simple gag but one of my absolute favorites. It comes when Critic is discussing the boring theme song Carole King sang, sounding as if she was doing it just for the paycheck. Check it out it always makes laugh.

See what I mean HERE






Nope, I am not talking about the TIMING gag. I love the gag where he and Casper make fun of the expostion in one scene. The two of them sing this little song which always cracks me up, and it re-appeared a few times so I must not be the only one who likes it. There are lost of good jokes here but I actually do not like the final gag at the convention.

See it HERE





#13.Santa Claus the Movie

This one is kind of a surprise for me, but there is one gag in this review that I just loved! It comes just after Santa and Ms.Clause are rescued by the elves. They are explaining what they are their for, and Nostalgia Critic points out that it doesn’t sounds so great.


See it HERE




#12.Star Trek Generations

One of NC’s best gags is the “Boomner will live” gag which began in his Independence Day review. But it’s this version which always makes me laugh, possibly because it’s Star Trek or maybe because it involves a cat this time. I don’t know, I love it.

See it HERE






#11.Tom & Jerry

One of the few also on Doug Walker’s list. Honestly this is partly here to have something old on the list. But that doesn’t mean that NC’s reaction fo seeing these two non speaking character TALK isn’t funny s hell. It isn’t over staged or overblown, it’ simply him reacting and then grieving the loss of the characters he adored with a Hamlet quote. It’s simple and effective.

See it HERE





#10.Rock A Doodle

There are several times when NC will voice over a movie clip with his own dialogue, and when done well the scene really works. There are several choices here, including the gag about the Bar in the Star Wars Holiday Special. But this one where we found out how Christopher Plummer was cast for this awful movie just takes the cake

See it HERE





#9.Short Circuit

There is a scene toward the end of Short Circuit II when things take a turn for the dark when Johnny 5 is smashed. NC reacts to it like it were a Vietnam movie (to be fair the scene is paced that way), and the reaction is just priceless.

See it HERE






#8.Bridge to Terabithia

This review really made me laugh and the best gag was the one where NC imagined what would have happened if the girl in the movie grew up still obsessed with Terabithia. Again it’s Rachel Tietz who sells the bit, and this always gets a laugh out of me.

See it HERE





#7.Commercial Specials (TIE)

I failed to give these the proper love in my favorite episodes list so here we go. Truth is I could make this whole list just the commercial episodes, they’re just some of his best jokes in those specials (FUCKING BUBBLES!). Instead I chose two which I love. The first comes in a bit about Hanes underwear. In the ad, a bunch of ladies are discussing men’s briefs so the NC asks what would happen if men were doing that to women’s underwear? The bit that follows makes me laugh just thinking about it and to be fair Rob Walker deserves a lot of the credit for the success of this one.

see it HERE

The second choice was the Milk ad parody. And like the first one, someone else gets the laughs in this case Rachel Tietz. Maybe it;s because I was alays annoyed with these ads that I love this one, whatever the case it’s a great bit.

See it HERE





#6.The Next Karate Kid

Sometimes the critic has something so easy that there is no way a joke can miss. That’s what happens here when we get one of the most forced pieces of exposition ever uttered in a movie.

See it HERE






#5.Superman IV

You would think that the Bat Credit Card gag from the original review would be here. But I actually saw this review first, and it remains my favorite version of that joke. Probably because of the set up, where Linkara uses it to get back at the Critic go insulting his show. Linkara would later do the same thing in his Silent Hill review to get rid of the Critic (or his image, whatever). Great moment I still love.

See it HERE






#4.The King and I

Sometimes his best jokes have nothing to do with the movie he is reviweing at all. Take this example. When he returned he had a new, white wall. THAT EVERYONE HATED! They hated it so much that NC was moved to do a bit about it. And it’s one of his funniest gags ever.


See it HERE






When this review began….it wasn’t the greatest. Not the worst, at all, but not the greatest. No big laughs and the door gag didn’t work at all. Then came the scene where the aliens are invading the house, and the family just has a pleasant talk. Um, really? What could the aleins be thinking, they’re attacking and the family isn’t scared at all! Well NC had the same thought and did his take on what the aliens were thinking. And it’s just funny my friends.


See it HERE.






2.The Oher Animated Titanic Movie

Very often what makes the joke funny isn’t a bit or anything, it’s simply the reactions the NC give. He has a great face which makes for great responses and expressions. Take this case when we get the idiotic moon beam nonsense, followed by even worst nonsense! NC does this perfectly.

See it HERE






#1.A Simple Wish

I know, I am such a cliche. But the fact is, this isn’t #1 because I thought it was so funny. It’s here because I respect it so much. It was a fantastic gag which just worked. You can just tell how hard Doug Walker worked on this and how much fun Mara Wilson had doing it. It’s one of those things that comes as a surprise and works! How could I not admire that?

See it HERE







That’s it for me my friends. Did I miss any? What are you favorite NC jokes? Comment below and maybe I will be back with an AT4W version one of these days.

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