Putting Trust Where Little Is Known

Working all around the time,
in shape of what is to come,
in forming of how one wants to be.
there is always the needs that hold one back.
Come short of it,
there is little to nothing that really matters,
than of how petty it comes off at times.
Oh yes,
mistakes come and go,
being fix along the way,
covered in cracks,
what where does lead in the end?
It doesn’t take away anything more,
everything is just coming down,
so swiftly,
like it was plan from the start of failure and nothing close,
to a goal that at this point,
was long forgotten.
Voice of reason blur because of it.
There is only a few in time,
yet larger than it gives.
So close of it.
So close.
Be it as it were,
was it ever a matter to bother with this?
If anything at all,
the lack of trust of others fade in time,
mostly of too close of a bond,
for in those minds,
they know you best and know,
what you can do is never good enough.
But what of those you know,
little of,
those who know little background and full scale of who you are,
and only want you to keep topping yourself in your work?
Where do they fall in all this,
in little care to it all?
And can it be enough,
to get by,
when other give up before even trying?

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