In sadness,
which I have seen with you,
a fresh brew of velvet yielding coffee,
is how I found into giving a heal moment in your heart.

As you carry that porcelain baby,
dark mused in blessed body,
her lingering star gleam that never fails to smile at you,
to up lip in respond that you care.

For how you,
just embrace of how all life,
that haunting laugh smile,
that sends shivers,
in a far sail of understanding;
that only you and I know of.

Recalling of how that marble ice steam breath,
just mists around you,
like a frame no craver could ever do,
with that as delicious,
decay secret of transient once a night dusk morns,
night candy comes a kiss of rising.

Laughing in memoires of that one,
caramel kiss,
may only soft the coming days,
as it be a naked ocean poison,
having cast open,
a cool smoke universe that can never closed,
for maybe,
I don’t to even leave it ajar.

In surrounding a fever,
so thick in sightless pledges,
hanging only by a joy cloud,
lost in a upside down sea of baby blue,
where there is a angel warm voice,
whisperings words of care,
at times it is forgotten that only,
the past was able to do.

Another sun rise,
a morning bright as ever,
with that hinted dazzle breeze,
ghost like scared desire,
as once patted feet of child walk like an adult,
somewhat alone in a refresh painted color home,
saying it was for the best,
but to let you go,
and I didn’t,
even as the world went on without you,
forgetting you,
never happen,
nor ever will,
even as I look where you once were,
holding your favorite coffee mug,
ready to open gifts near the tree and the candles lit.

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