Welcome and happy of the kindhearted holidays everyone and we again, meet the end of this out of the norm blog of Christmas movies, with those that are associated with Christmas or have something resolved around it.

Leaving only to have to say now, as we going into this last installment with . . .



Films relating to Christmas




Number 12:  The Princess Bride (1987 Film)

A lone small cheat in this, as Christmas doesn’t really take part in the core of the film, but sense it is a play within a play. The start of this play that has the grandson and grandfather; of who of the latter are telling the tale, along giving, mostly the young lad giving at times snarky feedback, which is taking place during Christmas. It’s classic one for how one of few young ones of films on this list, but a good cheats of a movie to talk about. Even though, it has been talked to death about; a simple watch on season and off.

4.99 Out of 5




Number 11: 3 Godfathers (1948 Film)

There will be times, a western is done really well or a just a flounder of a miss. In this case, this film has a good mixture of being good the bad can hardly be found in it. As the tale goes of three bandits running from the law, find a safe place to rest, with thanks of the person who lives there, and she very much pregnant. What timing they had, as she goes into labor during their stay and kindness helps her. In her last breath to them, name the baby after the three kind man who had help her and promise to make sure the kid is taken care of, even though they the odd are likely not on their sides. One true or another, with the law still after them, they keep going, because only for a promise. This movie does well in taking an old fable, adding a of their today-era flair of its time and going with it. Acting doesn’t feel like and makes it come off real; pacing is well done, and along with setting is just wonderful from start to end.

4.9 Out of 5




Number 10: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (1989 Film)

Love or hate this film, it’s on the list for many reasons as to why. In telling how a family gathering can go wrong and right in many ways. Never stopping being funny and cringing at times for maybe it hits close to home. We all know it, so is no point speaking more of it.

5 Out of 5




Number 9: We’re No Angels (1955 Film)

This is just a well timed comedy. Sometimes leaning on dark humor or off color, but at times, it can be just a blast. Dated by its time, but luckily makes it work for what it is. Some could mistake this as being a play by play of the 3 Godfathers, untrue, similar areas there are not, as they make do with what they are. It’s a little gem that should be watched at least once. Warning though, if you are not a fan of snakes in anyway, this film is not for you, warning to that, but otherwise, enjoys the Technicolor angels make their ways in getting their halos.

3 Out of 5




Number 8: 29th Street (1991 Film)

Nothing really gets into the holiday spirit than watching a film based on true events. Who knows, it may give the viewer an idea or two on what to do, in having a kinder winter season. There is however no doubt to how, insane in plot it can be at times, pacing a bit off at times but hardly easy to tell. Acting does at times feel like it ranges, but it’s so subtle anyone couldn’t even notice it if they didn’t blink. What tells never really loses track of itself, but finding when a breathing point where it hard to find at times, as well. Yet, for good reason it works, as it is a drama and lives to the title of it. Give this one a watch, at least once, but not in asking to drop everything to do it. Find it and try it, is all the best way to put it.

4 Out of 5




Number 7: The Hebrew Hammer (2003 Film)

Going in blind in this one, as for much hate this film has. At some regards, it’s a blast of a watch. But also to easy to riff on at the same time, it also becomes a different kind of grand fun time. Stating off handed, that yes this is a guilty pleasure. That can’t helped, in coming to see where this goes wrong and where it goes right. Trying to describe it alone, becomes at a loss of words at end of it all. Take this film with a heavy load of salt to a festering wound and just go all out on it. Or avoid this every happen. The blame won’t to anyone if they one or the other.

2 Out of 5




Number 6: Bachelor Mother (1939 Film)

The one little glare this has, and being said now so we can all move on from it. Everything that happens was a misunderstanding after another. For how it plays can be good or bad. But the overall story doesn’t take away from it and makes a good film despite that little flaw that has been done to death by now. Pacing is just wonderful with the timing of comedy. Acting is split at times, but lays way in being okay that’s it is watchable. Good little morals come and go, so better to catch them fast, as they may be small, but hold a lot of meaning in them. Dated at times, but does what it can, as again makes it watchable at least once.

4 Out of 5




Number 5: Make the Yuletide Gay (2009 Film)

Nothing makes the holidays any better than trying to hide your sexual orientation from your parents during the merry season, while keeping it on the down low about your roommate/boyfriend, in trying to break news as careful as possible, or maybe just keeping it a secret, for the less hurt there will be. If that sounds something up your alley and maybe want, not an over dramatic look of how young adults trying to find themselves deal with these problems. This film may help in all that. Wonderful cast in acting, the pacing is on par with it. It’s an enjoyment that someone that if they had no heart couldn’t understand why, it’s so good.

5 Out of 5




Number 4: The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996 Film)

In this place, let’s have an action flick, that hopeless is known as an underground film. Some people have Die Hard or Lethal Weapon. Into saying that, this film is very much like that. All action, all fun! Great cast, pacing of it is just great enough to breathe and think of what is to come. Acting is also a grand watch. A past of blood and lies all come undone, during the merriest of times.  If you are a fan of the movies said before, than is a film for you.

4.9 Out of 5




Number 3:  Frozen River (2008 Film)

A film like this that pulls no stops in showing the harshness of what get’s glances of those who struggle in getting just a warm meal on the table, let alone with the holidays coming. Follow of how a mother does whatever she can for children, doing whatever it takes for them not trying to grow up soon, just to help. At no cost this mother goes up and beyond or her kids. Even it means to never see them again, when the deeds are done. How it plays out with good acting, wonderful pacing, grand sets, and swallowing easy plot is all up for the viewer at this point.

5 Out of 5




Number 2:  The Great Rupert/A Christmas Wish (1950 Film)

Nothing get’s the holiday anymore sweeter nor cheesier when a small animal is there to help solve all the problems of life for people. This is corny, but that’s what makes it so good. A true kind of family movie this is. Dated beyond making anything quite good, but for what it holds and what it could do in the year it was made, should be at least noticed for that alone. Everything can range at best. But it’s the story and how it plays out, is what keeps anyone in their seat. For that, give this film a chance, in awaken good deeds to become more than just a distance dream, even with a talent squirrel taking the wheel at times.

4.6 Out of 5




Number 1: The Holly and the Ivy (1952 Film)

See this as a real life play of life during the holidays. Dated in the time it was made, yes, but for what it holds in telling its story is far missed from here. For the year it was made, there was love in this getting the voice of this little gem out. A drama it is, but for what it does around that, makes it gold to watch. Great actors of that year, wonderful setting, grand choice of how the pace goes for this film: not something to miss out on. It a little spark in the heart, anyone needs to enjoy.

3.9 Out of 5




Honorable Mentions: Peace on Earth (1939 Film), Gremlins (1984 Film), The Adventure of the Wrong Santa Claus (1914 Film), Alias Boston Blackie (1942 Film), The Lemon Drop Kid (1951 Film), The Candlemaker (1957 Film), Santa Claus (1959 Film), Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984 Film), The Magic Christmas Tree (1964 Film), While You Were Sleeping (1995 Film), and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005 Film)





And with that ladies and gentlemen, I bid this a farewell of Christmas film, for now it’s back to the basics. Maybe next year, a new topic will be taken a new look at. I’ll even add, that you the viewer would like to see me try to take a crack at something let know and I’ll see what I can do. Until then, Happy Manic Holidays and see you all next year. Later!

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