Astute: know what to say, regardless of the subject.

Resonance: whether it’s someone else’s work, or her own you can rest assure her perspective will be said.

Triumph: to make sure each one suits the person to a T.

Introvert: perhaps? Lots of artists, writers and such trend towards this attitude.

Sympathy: knows the right thing to say at each time.

Tardy: as if!

Impression: by find the ones that others have made in any way, she leaves her own with them.

Caring: making sure no one is left out, writing a gift to all.

Perception: without it, no writing can be done.

Oracle: phantom member of the site, the writing usually gives this vibe.

Eccentric: only way to be as knowing and thoughtful, plus writing in the tone that she so does.

Tireless: never will she stop, her efforts are always present.

Random: what the next article is, who else but her knows?

Yappy: write her a comment, and she will all be happy to write back.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

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