Has anyone asked if you had a wide side,
in this they would ask if would you go bungee jumping or sky diving?
In answering to it,
seems too easy that it would be the former,
not the latter . . .
soon I will,
and it’s just a matter of time.

In the calmer side of things,
they could say in do you have a garden?
With a small smile,
I do,
but more than one and all well kept enough.

At times,
maybe some will question from where you are,
salt to the wound at times,
but backbone is what keeps everyone up,
even if the question is the most simpatico type there is but comes off the opposite . . .
in do you really know all the words to your national anthem?
In all honesty,
no not really something I would dip into,
so even now,
care none of it . . .
it’s a song just like any other,
that holds meaning in high stakes,
but to others it’s a song that just demands others to know it,
harsh in speaking like that,
but is no other of saying it,
without words only being more twisted later.

Moving onto something else,
as this would be strange in asking this,
but let’s do it anyway.
If they ask,
what is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning?
Responding with the basic of what is everything in sleep and waken,
who I am,
where I am,
why is everything have become like this thus far . . .
time go on with the day,
is last thing before leaving the day.

Time for a dream type of query,
as if you could eat lunch with one famous person,
who would it be?
To that,
it’s another loaded question . . .
anyone of them,
less likely to be a jerk during it all,
and which could make lunch workable for each of us . . .
that inquiry is not as straightforward as it is spar,
just think about it.

A fleeting moment of this one,
comes as is,
of who sent the last text message you received?
Easy to say,
but hard to comprehend of it,
as it was a friend whom has gone overseas and is likely,
coming back . . .
I can only hope that everything, works out for them.

Oddest one this could,
but far from the closet there is,
to which store would you choose to max out your credit card?
In bluntness of it,
it would be mostly likely,
a nickel and dime kind of store,
which has the basics and few items to have . . .
because I wanted them.
Nothing really over the top,
just something calm and quiet to do,
max out credit card or not!

Could there really be a question like this,
for someone a little old for it,
but whatever . . .
what time is bed time?
Trying not to laugh is hard,
but let’s keeps going.
If during the school years,
it was as long I wasn’t cranky and awake enough to get dress,
gather school objects,
and find the bus.
The bed time was at most times . . .
two or three in the morning,
with my clock set for seven AM . . .
so was I tried?
Maybe . . .

Last one for now and getting it out of the way,
for have you ever been in a beauty pageant?
Too really,
no never,
why would ever I do that . . .
I have been drag to them but for moral support to cousins that were,
and also for someone just needs to do the make-up right and not be freaking out over the smallest things . . .
nor really care what is going on,
just the face looks pretty . . .
simple times,
where did they go before this became a thing?!

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