It’s finally come to the end of the year and with it comes the holiday most anticipated by people of all ages: Christmas.


It’s a time of peace, a time of joy, a time of being reunited with loved ones, a time for 24 Hour marathons of A Christmas Story, and Traditions. Many households, including my own, always have some form of holiday tradition, regardless of the holiday in mind. For Me, I was try to find some bizarre new Christmas film to see during Winter, and thankfully enough I found one perfect enough to review. Often considered a Cult Classic and one of the Worst Films Ever Made, it can be pretty much be sum up what to expect right with the title…Santa Claus Conquers the Martians.


On the planet Mars, Momar and Kimar are worried about their children due to a statement from an elder Martian that the Children of Mars aren’t able to express freedom and individuality. So, the Martian Society then decides to abduct the one man who is able to help the children express such freedom, Santa Claus. So they take Santa to Mars in hopes that he can help their children.

The first thing I could talk about is that the film looks cheaply made. It’s obvious in every scene you’ll see in the movie. The sets look bland with very little to offer, the Martian costumes are very ridiculous, and it basically looks similar to a cheap High School Production of a Play…either that or an Ed Wood movie.


I will admit that the film’s concept is crazy enough for it to be seen. I definitely think that it is a rather original idea and it definitely is probably the one good thing this that I can remember about it.
I mean come on, Have you ever heard of another Sci-Fi Christmas film?


…okay, forget I said that.


Much like many christmas films, SCCTM threw in some child actors in the film who come to help Santa when he’s taken from the North Pole. Personally, these kids don’t serve much of a purpose to help Santa; and even when they do help Santa, they are eventually replaced by a machine that does all the work for them. So they are basically pointless.

The Martians in the film are rather odd characters. They often talk like with very little emotion and are very wooden. Plus they have these weird helmets that look like Bike Helmets with a Scuba mask and a TV Antenna attached with some random tubes thrown in as well.

I could talk about the acting,…but really I don’t think I can say anything else aside from the fact that it’s not very good. The Martian actors act very wooden (probably because they’re from a different planet), the kids aren’t very good, and Santa is okay, but that won’t help this movie.


Final Thoughts: I thought this was just dull. I don’t see it as one of the “Worst Movies Ever” as it’s claimed to be, but I can understand why though. It looks bad, the acting isn’t very good, the concept is one the odd side for a Christmas movie, and it basically would be either laughed or boo-ed off most cinema screens. With all that being said, I still think there are worst Christmas movies out there. (Surviving Christmas mainly comes to my mind.)
Anyways, I hope you all have a Merry Christmas.

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