There is always something fascinating about material things,
if in asking anyone what they find,
is prettying much there moment to shine in,
there it is to found in those kind in the need for speed.

not only in just the speed,
but there is also the design of it,
color of it,
off and on all terrain.

Matters of speaking,
there little knows of what it all means,
when asking someone for help in finding,
what could be the one for someone to drive on that endless road of life,
there is and to me,
only be,

The facts he gives in a look under the hood,
could wow anyone,
of what he can do.

As of now though,
he’s been busy,
and driving off at times somewhere in real life.

But when he comes back and really shows for himself,
of what he can do.

May this little poem be a test drive,
in giving a hint of whom he is,
to not just a casual reader but other motor heads,
like himself!

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