Happy Holidays everyone and welcome back to part 2 Christmas season movie blogs. In the last one was all about the big screen films. In this one, it’s all about the small screen cinema, and as before, only the top 12 will be talked about.

By means of that said, let’s get going with . . .



Made-for-television and direct-to-video




Number 12: Santa Is Coming to Town (1970 Film)

If there was one thing I like about Santa Claus, it was always his origin story. That could be said with lot different religion movies and/or holiday specials. And is list, we’ll being see lots of it. But to focus on this little stop motion piece, just hearing the voice of Mickey Rooney as o’ Saint Nick is just a grand. And just seeing of how stop motion films have changed over the years, is also a bonus of this. Can this film at times come off as being over the top and odd, yes, but it doesn’t take away the charm of it. To also in finding, the meaning of Santa is at times, is an interesting look of it. Becoming one of the few movies, that had good following films after it, but still can hold as lone movie is just great. Prefect for young kids and maybe some adults who are young heart, a family short film forever one to enjoy.

4 Out of 5




Number 11: I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus (2001 Film)

This film main focal point of how a misunderstanding can do to a small child. To also, of how far they’ll go to fix it, for the sake of their family. A tender hearted movie it is, paced clucking at times, but smooth for the most part. Acting ranges, but never glaring and enjoyable at times. If saying more did anything, it would lead people from not sure of seeing it, in thought of it, give it try. A B-holiday movie is what it is, and quite of a ride of it.

3.1 Out of 5




Number 10: The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus (2000 Film)

Now before, I said that in some cases there are films that have a lot of a remakes of or too many to choose from, in this situation, this story isn’t really talked about enough or shown to watchers, as other stories. For this one only has a hand full and the book itself in telling this tale. Which, in film, stays so close to the book, and it is paced and acted very well in this animated special. How it was done and emotion it gives really shows of how Santa came to be in this little fable. A plus side to be found in this movie, it doesn’t talk down on kids or anyone for that matter of watching, compare to other film adaptations, sparing back lash on the 1985’s take, as it can feel a bit dated at times, it holds up. So if the 2000’s take doesn’t feel up your alley, the only other one to try would the 1985’s stop motion, it’s silly but the good kind.

4.7 Out of 5




Number 9: Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas (1999 Film)

There is much love there is this movie, of the three mini plays it does, are just wonderful with different messages to each of them. Mostly was get’s pretty to look at, is how it opens with gifts under the tree. Each one holding a different meaning to them, from how they start to the very end, they are just so heartfelt. With three of them, one may hold a stronger meaning to the view, so there is no higher picking which one, just watch them in order, one of them will get heart string struck. It’s a good film, had a great following for the most part, but the first one is a classic. Watch with family and friends and enjoying soft winter holiday season.

5 Out of 5




Number 8: Santa Baby (2006 Film)

In the ground of this film, it was the family moral it was aiming at in having faith in one another. The growing of changes that in many films and have been really well or really badly. In this movie, it could either way in that matter. It’s a toss bag of a broken candy cane mess, at times. The plot is simple as it is, and done many times, a few twist here and there, that don’t make it chocking. With the actors, it’s likely they’ll be really good in some areas and faulted along the way. Yet, there is something about a little lower in the skin of it, which just makes it, a good watch. At least once for it, got to get some people to notice for what it trying to be, than being what others think it would be.

3.45 Out of 5




Number 7: Annabelle’ Wish (1997 Film)

One word or maybe two words; sadly adorable. This isn’t very much a cheery film, but it is quite adorable. As the tile goes, or part of it, this aims at a wish. Everyone has one, in the Christmas spirit or not. A wish is what everyone has, wanting it to come true, be it at hard work or just a random miracle. In this family flick, it is the latter, but doesn’t disappoint.  The acting, pacing, and overall plot are done just right, to get a smile at times. If you find this, give it a watch, a tear might get in your eye though, so warning there.

4.9 Out 5




Number 6: Jack Frost (1979 Film)

Call this one a freebee of not really being a Christmas movie. As this short film is mostly focus on trickster of winter, Jack Frost. Sidetrack of it with plot, of telling a tale of when Jack wanting to be human. The movie becomes interesting, if anyone has heard of the high fables of spirit enthusiasts about this little spirit making the film base on a real legend way before its time, but for the sake of occasion, we’ll come to that another time. With just the film itself, it just wonderful, again having the dated for when it made, as plot and pacing goes, it’s a grand watch for anyone just looking for something different for this holiday season. A favorite part from it, that is very attention-grabbing in thought, is how snowflakes are made in this, small thing, but cool. If there was one down to point in this, was that because of the short length of it, there isn’t much to build on character traits, but is there, fills in enough space, that the view is never bored. To that, it’s an enjoyment for that.

3 Out of 5




Number 5: ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas (1974 Film)

When seeing this at first glance, there isn’t much to say about, but so entrancing about it. Childish in design it is, but again, how it plays out and the pacing, is just a big whoa of a sight of it. Being made in the year it was, for how it was acted, was very well fun for it. Chances it’s not for anyone, but it’s feels like a watch to understand it and seeing the flow of it. And that alone, could be, what makes it an enjoyable film.

4.7 Out of 5




Number 4: A Season for Miracles (1999 Film)

In a moment where all things seem so bleak for an homeless aunt dealing with that her sister being a drug addict that has too many overdoses for Child Servers to be happy about, along with a niece and nephew threaten to place in separate foster homes if their mother can’t get herself together but shows no signs of care, leaving the aunt, herself, no choice but taking her niece and nephew away from police and finding a new place to live, while avoiding the police alongside the way. While trying to give them the Christmas they should always get. Could this small town of kind town-folk and man is a well known passerby local well giving them this sought of miracles. That is the sum of it and it done so well, acting to the pacing, is just great. See it, you will not be disappointed.

5 Out of 5




Number 3: Gift of the Night Fury (2011 Film)

Wonder if there was anyone not shock in seeing this coming. Never really comes off a Christmas short, but what goes on, is always a pleasant sight. Simple in plot and pacing is just done as well from that movie it spawns from. The feel from the movie is passed through little flick, it’s a good watch and just a good hearted capture moment for anyone.

5 Out of 5




Number 2: The Christmas Card (2006 Film)

Main theme of this; is giving hope to others, if they are strangers to one another. When the male lead is in the midst of war in Afghanistan, soon on set to go back in the for front of it, a card deliver to him, but a person he has never meant but with words said, in hopes he makes it and come home. Again, this all about hope given in to others, on life as is, and how things go from there. Christmas is involved for the most part, but after that, is just wonderful after that. Acting, pacing, set of it all, is for the viewer to take it as they want, but it’s a good flick to try it, at least once.

4.8 Out of 5




Number 1: Benji’s Very Own Christmas Story (1978 Film)

With the hype there is for the Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever coming soon, this should said, this hasn’t been the first film, the one that comes to mind and very well a good watch. It would a small film from 1978, done so very good and just a grand enjoyable film. Sure it can show a certain taste of it, this movie was great. If down about Grumpy, go see Benji’s movie, done right and perfect for the family. Coming as this film, is the original take of this gimmick and just great to watch, again, differences for others. But give it a chance, if nothing else, have a good film with heart and live in the moment of it.

4.6 Out of 5




Honorable Mentions: Santa Buddies (2009 Film), Elmo Saves Christmas (1996 Film), A Muppet Family Christmas (1987 Film), The Christmas Toy (1986 Film), Nestor, The Long-Eared Christmas Donkey (1977 Film), Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (1964 Film), The Little Drummer Boy (1968 Film), Snow (2004 Film), Silent Night (2002 Film), and A Chipmunk Christmas (1981 Film)





And with that, we end part 2 of 3 with that. So far this has been fun. Granted for how long ago, around May this year, was in thinking of getting this going and editing a lot, mistakes can happen. Feedback on this as a whole would be great, and with that, I’ll you again in the final chapter as we take into Christmas related films, until then, later!

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