With Season 5 coming around the corner with 2015, Many fans of the show, myself included, often have hopes and desires on what they want to see in the future episodes. So, I decided to share 13 of mine with you.


-More Shining Armor


With Twilight being my favorite character, it’s not a surprise that I ended up liking Shining Armor. I will admit that I wish he got more screen time on the show, with or without Cadence doesn’t matter as long as he shows up. (Especially considering the lack of even one mention of him until the S2 Finale)He should get some more development as well as a better look into his personality aside from being related to Twilight.


-Celestia & Luna Backstory


We all know about how Luna was banished after trying to take out Celestia and having Eternal Night as well as having her redemption and adapting to modern Equestria, but we never got to know more about Celestia. As well as having the majority of their Past being a mystery.


-Big Macintosh Episode


Being the one stallion on the show, aside from Shinning, who gets a large amount of screen presence, I think it’s about time we got to find out more about the daily routine of the silent apple family member.

Although I have an idea of what he often does during the day:


Show More of Equestria


This one is most likely going to happen anyway, but I would like for them to expand more on Current Equestria and all the different lands that cover it. (I’m most likely not alone with this request.)


References/Allusions to Egyptian Mythology


I’ve never mentioned this to anyone, but I am a huge nut for Ancient Egyptian History/Mythology. It has always fascinated me and Ive been a big sucker for it everywhere I see it. On that note, I haven’t been able to spot many in the show so far. I know we’ve had Greek, Aztec, Welsh, & many others but Not Egyptian. I would absolutely ecstatic if they added in some creatures or allusions from it and it’d definitely be a nice addition among the other mythological creatures in the show.


-More Ms. Harshwhinny


This is a bit of an odd request, but I absolutely enjoyed this character while she was on screen (Especially in Flight to the Finish) and I’d like to see more of her.


-Another Nightmare Night episode with Voltaire as a guest star


This one is a bit specific. I picked Nightmare Night out of the holidays established in MLP since I love Halloween & everything about it So obviously I enjoyed Luna Eclipsed.

Now that’s where Voltaire comes in…He mostly does Macabare and Goth Cabaret style of songs which I really enjoy and could work with the show (…at least it would for me.) if they got him on board to do voice work for an episode, and maybe a song as well, it would be an amazing addition to another Nightmare Night episode.


More Holiday Episodes (with New Holidays as well)


Personally, some of my favorite episodes on MLP all involve holidays.With all of the holidays that we have, I’d like to see some more episodes of the ones we have as well as adding in some other holidays. (If Ed, Edd, N Eddy did Arbor Day, then so can MLP.)



Duo Episodes


MLP has done small bits of this concept throughout various episodes, but I think they should have full episodes where two of the Mane Six share the screentime. Some of them can make interesting mixes. (Except AJ & Rarity. The arguing between them is getting old.)


Equestria’s Past

Aside from Hearth’s Warming Eve and Granny Smith’s backstory of her move to Ponyville, we never get to fully see any develop of the cities and races of Equestria. Personally, I’d like to see the aftermath of Equestria’s Founding and see the start of some of the cities like Canterlot and Ponyville.


Different Rarity Episodes


So far with Rarity, we’ve only gotten episodes that often deal with something to do with High Society or Fashion. I’m not saying all of them are bad, but I do think that they should throw in a bit more variety with the Pony of Fashion aside from the usual “Meeting a Very Important Pony of High Society” (Which is odd since I liked most of those Ponies) and “Fighting with Applejack.” (Which is extremely old.)


– Fluttershy’s Family


It’s pretty obvious that She is the only Mane Six member who’s family has not been seen nor mentioned throughout the show. I’m rather intrigued by this and I’d like to see them or at least find out some information about them.



– Mane Six solving a problem/crisis…without Twilight


This is sounding a bit odd for me with Twilight being my favorite character in the show, but I think it would be an interesting change to have the other girls save the day without her since she always tends to be the one to save the day overall.


Plus here are some other Ideas I’d like to see (Consider these as Honorable Mentions):
– The Return of Queen Chrysalis & the Changelings (if possible, they could adapt the comic.)

– A Maud & Pinkie Pie episode

– Neigh Anything adaptated to an episode (My Favorite of the MLP Comics so far.)

– Tone Down Dash’s Ego (It’d probably help me like her a little bit more.)

– Another Musical Episode (Why Not?)


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